Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump denies Trans people the right to serve.

So Lord Cheeto has decided that transgender folks can't serve in the military. I got one word for that, and I'm not cleaning it up.  Unfucking Sat! When 99.5% of the people in this country can't or won't serve, denying ANYONE who is qualified and willing to put their lives on the line for this country that privilege is nothing short of insane.

And yes, I'm a veteran who has served with LGBT people. And if my ship went to GQ because of a missile strike, I guarantee you that I would not stop to ask the sexual orientation of any sailor I came across who needs help.  They're wore the same damn uniform I did, they're my shipmate, they bleed and die just like anyone  else.  And it was my job, my obligation  to get them that help. As long as they do their job and keep their personal life and professional lives separate, I don't care who they sleep with. None of my business. I didn't have to party or hit the beach with them.

I'm straight. I'm not interested in seeing dudes making out. I'm not interested in transgender issues. Those issues are for trans folk to work out between themselves, their loved ones and whatever God they pray to, or not. None of my business. Not my circus, not my monkeys.  But in a day when the military is having a hard time trying to fill its ranks, and has more and more hostilities to wrestle with in terms of bad nations looking  to do America harm, to exclude anyone who is eligible, qualified and willing to serve is madness to me. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The idiocy of liberal moralizing

.Though I tend to fall center-left in my politics, there are times when my liberal brethren can be just as annoying as pricks as conservatives. 

There are times when I just don't give a shit about whether the hamburger I eat is contributing to climate change or whether the beef comes from factory farms rather than organically grass-fed artisanal small-batch meat that cost $20/lb at Whole  Foods.
Or whether something I say causes some sensitive lefty to get their organically sourced, free-trade, not-made-in-a-sweat-shop-by-Indonesian-child-labor panties in a twist. 

There are times when I'd like to take PC safe space prattle and shove it sideways up some overbearing snowflake's tuckus.

Sometimes liberal moralizing can go just a little too far and I end up just going all PacFleet Shellback squid on somebody. And then start using various four letter words as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions,  participles and gerunds.

If you want to be a feminist, vegan, LGBTQIAMICKEYMOUSE-friendly climate change, animal rights, left-leaning Bernieite, fine. Knock yourself out. I happen to agree with a lot of that stuff.

But don't look askance at me, nor sniff self righteously,  or prepare to sermonize me because I occasionally like to eat junk food, fried chicken, Mac and cheese, or some other food that isn't heart-healthy, low-cholesterol, or gluten-free.

Or fetishize my dog as one my children, or say a dirty joke that may cause your head to combust in righteous indignation.

Don't be that guy or girl. You might have good intentions, but you'll end up coming across like some miserable do-gooder stick in the mud that desperately needs some good unhealthy food, good beer, and you should probably get laid more often.

Here ends the sermon, the ushers will now come forward

Friday, July 07, 2017

Presidential Influence in our lives.

Honest question. Does whomever is occupying the White House really make a difference in your day to day life?

I started my working life at 18. Reagan was in the White House. I was in the service at the time, and everybody of a certain  political  persuasion said Reagan was the greatest President since sliced bread. Of course there were also those who said that he was the Antichrist. To be honest, I can't remember a damn thing he did to make my life on ship easier. I never paid attention to what he said. I did my job, went on deployment, worked hard, played hard. I think that my pay went up a little during that time. I was a junior enlisted and really didn't give a s**t about politics.

In '86,  I got out of the service, went to work in the security field, went to college during the Clinton years. And nothing HE did made my life any better or worse. I made about the same amount of money, paid about the same amount of taxes. Same with both Bushes and Obama.

Now that Trump is in the White House, unless he really craps the bed, I don't expect things to get any better or worse under him. Personally speaking. Not to say that I agree with Lord Cheeto. But I don't expect my life to get better or worse under him, than I expected life to get better or worse under any President.

It's my conclusion that the President really does not have much, if any bearing on the day to day life of average Americans. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I haven't been paying attention. I don't live or die by what the President says or does as long as he doesn't get us into a war and tells me I have to go back in the service. Which I probably could do if I was young enough because I had a great time on ship. But I'm just interested in what Yinz think. Am I right or wrong?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Down With Play Dates

Grumpy Old Man Rant #34. What the hell is a 'Play Date?' In my day we didn't have play dates where you went thru this song and dance about who your kids played with. We didn't call the other kids parents, coordinate our Google calendars to set up the proper day for little Ashley, or Sherman to come over to their friends house to play. We didn't do background checks or ask for Act 33 clearance on the other kid's parents. In my day, as we were tearing ass out the door, we told our mothers we were going to so and so's house to hang out and they said 'yes' or 'no'.  Most of the time they said yes so they could get us the hell out of their hair. Then again, when I was coming up we had rock fights in abandoned lots and played tackle football in 2 feet of snow at the corner basketball court. I tell you,  Play dates are a Communist conspiracy designed to undermine the American childhood. They make our kids into soft, whiny little Nancy boys. Down with play dates!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Lets Go Bucs

It's become increasingly clear that the three years the Pirates made the playoffs were an aberration. A time where the blind, deaf and dumb squirrel that is the Pirates front office found the three nuts conveniently sitting next to each other.

And the last season and a half has been akin to that same blind, deaf and dumb squirrel running around in the back yard bumping into every tree they tried to climb and falling out of the ones they've succeeded in scaling.

But they still have the Bobbleheads, the fireworks, the all you can eat sections, Take Your Dog To the Game, Free Shirt Fridays, the post-game concerts by washed, uh vintage rockers that Yinzers still get a collective hard-on over and let's not forget, The Greatest Ballpark in Baseball. As long as they have all that and the increasingly gray haired fans still pine for the good ol' days of Maz, The Fam-A-Lee, Captain Willie, and the Great One, the Pirates can trot out this s**t show every year and make bank.

Willie and the Great One would be spinning in their graves like a carousel if they were to see what the Pirates have been reduced to.