Sunday, March 24, 2019

Smug Ass White People.

    I'm off of Facebook for a day or so. The comments left by certain people with white faced avatars showing joy and making snarky remarks about Antwon Rose and expressing relief that the cop that shot him in cold blood was found not guilty have rubbed my nerves raw. 
      I don't hate all white people. I have more white friends than I have black ones on Facebook. And I love those white folks who showed love for me. 
      But right now, those white folks who show such callous disregard for a mother's loss are casting a long and undeserved shadow over the good white folks that I know and love.
       Yeah, the kid should not have run. He should have stopped and allowed himself to face the justice system. But the officer who shot him was under no duress. His life was not threatened. The officer could have called backup and had them find the kid and put him into custody. He was in control of the situation until he lost control. 
       But now two lives are ruined. And right now, I'm not feeling white people right now. This country does not give two shits about black people, and it hasn't since the first slaves got here 400 years ago. We're only good as long as the country can make a buck off our blood, sweat and muscle. As long as we do as we're told and keep our mouths shut.  I give up.

      What I need to do is stop looking at the comments in the various posts re: the trial.
       So many self righteous pieces of s**t crowing about "All he had to do was not run from the police."
        Yeah, he should not have run. He should of complied. But people do stupid things when they're scared.  The cop may have been in his right to shoot the kid, but his job is to catch the bad guys and put them into custody. Not execute them.
       This isn't Mega City One and Rosfeld wasn't Judge Dredd. He could have called backup and had them pursue the kid.  He had options. But he chose the easiest one.  Now he'll have to relive his decision for the rest of his life. While Antwon Rose, due to a fatal decision he made, won't get to see how the rest of his life may turn out.
      There is blame on both sides. But the police try to gain the trust of the black community, they try to erase the history that black people have with dealing with the cops.  But all it takes is one incident like this and all that progress goes up in smoke. Black folks have long memories.  
       And all this does is make the cop's job that much harder, and it makes our communities that much more dangerous because the gang bangers and the thugs know that the community will hesitate to cooperate with the police. Which gives them the green light to commit their crimes and hold our community hostage.
        There are so many symptoms to the problems plaguing the black community. And while racism and white supremacy are large parts of the problem, there are things that only the community can solve.
         We have to teach our young men to not settle beefs at gunpoint. We have to teach our young men to respect women and take care of them. Most black men worship the ground their mothers walk on. To criticize a black man's mother is to invite a fight. We should be the same way about the women in our lives. But the problems are generational. There is plenty of blame on all sides. Maybe, just maybe this incident is the one that brings the community to it's senses.
      But we've had so many of our men killed by the cops and each other. And we've marched and protested and had 'Stop The Violence' rallies, and still we just keep killing each other.
       When will it end? What is the tipping point. We know what the problems are, we just don't need smug ass white people reminding us of them.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Harrumphs and Hear, Hears.

     Even though I'm not Catholic, I, your Uncle P, can tell you exactly how this big meeting with the Pope and these bishops will go.

     The pope will sit there and complain loudly about how the Church is abusing its children through the sin of its leaders and that the Church needs to crack down, blah, blah, blah.
      Meanwhile the bishops, cardinals, Vatican toadies, bureaucrats, and functionaries, many of whom were around when the Crusades were bangin' will sit there, nod their heads at the right times, give an enthusiastic 'hear, hear' and 'harrumph', and pledge to support the Pope and wipe out the sin of clergy abuse of children.
      All the while, the Pope's message goes in one ear and out the other.  At least in the ears of those who haven't fallen asleep or died during the meeting.
      They'll defrock a bishop or two, give a cardinal a slap on the wrist, admonish the faithful that they've heard their cries for justice and that they pray for God to intervene.
       And then after every body has gotten all worked up and is raring to get to the bottom of this, they all go back home, and absolutely NOTHING more will happen.
       Because as far as the toadies and bureaucrats are concerned, Popes come, Popes go, but bureaucrats live on forever. And who really holds the levers of power in the Catholic Church, it'sthe old men in the offices. Not the old man wearing the triple tiara and the Fisherman's Ring. #JustSayin

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Call A Spade A Spade.

     I hope that the Alliance of American Football will eventually give the NFL a few things to consider, but what I'd like to see is a football league that gives a respectable alternative to college football.
     Problem that I see with the AAF is that it's for players that have spent a cup of coffee in the NFL, either on the bench of a team or have been through an NFL training camp. Not the type of league for players coming out of high school or playing college for a couple years.
      I want to see a football league that caters to 18-22 year olds who want a shot at playing pro football, but who don't want to put up with college life.
     Face it. College football is full of players who are only in college to bide their time until they can leave to go into the draft. I want to see a league that will pay these kids about $30-50k/yr, give them the rights to profit from their name and likeness and allow them to get used to a pro football life and after 3 or 4 years, will allow them a shot at the NFL or the AAF or the XFL or even Arenaball.
     To me, college football as it exists today is a joke. Their concept of student-athlete makes me laugh. Many of these  kids, especially the blue chippers aren't interested in getting a degree. They want to play football.
      And the NCAA's sham amateurism makes a ton of money for them and the schools, but the kids don't get dada for their work.
      I don't figure the NFL would want to create something like this because who wants to buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.  But this is something I'd want to see and support.
       At least it calls a spade a spade and opens up roster spots on college teams for those players who want to play football and earn legit degrees.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This Blog Post Can Give You Cancer

     Studies are always coming out saying that this thing or that will give you cancer. These days, what DOESN'T give you cancer? 
     Breathing gives you cancer. Walking across the street and getting hit by a cement truck can give you cancer.
Eating a peanut butter and jelly sammich can give you cancer.  Hugging your four legged critter can give you cancer. Thinking about cancer can give you cancer. The mere mention of the word 'cancer' can give you cancer.  Watching the Kardashians can give you cancer!  Reading this blog post could give you cancer. We're all gonna die anyways. Most likely of cancer so, just live it up doing, eating or thinking about what you love because, inevitably, it'll give you cancer. #JustSayin

Monday, February 04, 2019

Move Over Little Stillers, the Big Ol' Pats Are Moving In.

     In retrospect. The Patriots succeed because of one simple philosophy. Simple in explanation, not so simple in execution. 
      They don't need the best 53 players on their team, only the RIGHT 53 players on their team. And I think the Steelers need to adopt that philosophy.
       The Steelers had great players, good enough to win hardware, but they always come up short. But the Patriots, love or hate them, they get other teams castoffs, leftovers and bench warmers and win Super Bowls. 
       Maybe it's time for the Rooneys to stop going after the AB's and LeVeon's that are strong in talent, but are more into burnishing their brand, and go after the guys that aren't necessarily first round draft picks, but are hungry and are willing to put their heads down and grind for team and titles.
       Guys like Juju are one thing. He likes the spotlight, but he also puts the team first.  But we don't need divas and high maintenance drama queens who're more interested in Instagram likes than being solid teammates who put the squad ahead of themselves.
     Those kind of players are out there, the Patriots don't have a corner on that market, but the Steelers need to go after them.
      Maybe it's time for a change of scenery for both the Rooneys and for Tomlin. Maybe it's time for a mutual parting of the ways. Buy out Tomlin's contract. Let him resign and save face.
       But the top of the Super Bowl mountain now has two. And it's time for the original occupant to kick the usurper out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Let The Trannies Serve!

If you're trans, and you're fit, qualified, and are willing to put up with all the shit that goes with military service such as

1. having every aspect of your life planned out for you 24/7/365;

2. being told what to do, when to do it, what to wear while doing it; and what could happen to you if you don't do it; 

3. working weekends and holidays in brutally hard conditions with equipment specifically designed to cut, burn, and otherwise kill or maim you in all sorts of new and exciting ways;

4.  schlepping you and your family to a new duty station in some God-forsaken place every few years with all the hassles that go with moving (although I would never think about having a family, much less a girlfriend or spouse while I was in the service, but there are people dumb enough to do it);

5. to be confined to a cramped ship with 5,000 of your best friends for six to eight months doing the work mentioned in #3 above for 16-18 hours a day, seven days a week, with few breaks, and barely enough time in liberty ports in exotic locations around the world to say that you had been to said place, but not enough time in said ports to actually do anything;

6. to get the satisfaction that you're doing something that only one half of one percent of the population of the United States has the willingness, much less the man bits to do, in order for some schlub to give you a dead fish handshake and a half-hearted 'Thank you for your service.'

   If you're willing to do that, plus all the other stuff I didn't mention, not to mention, putting with all the crap that goes with being trans, put her there, pal. 
    I'd have been honored to serve alongside you. And I'm pretty sure I served with a tranny or two. I certainly served along enough gay dudes who did the grind as hard as I did.  I had to work with them, not hit the beach with them. 
    All I asked from the guys I worked with was be on time, sober, in uniform, and ready to grind. #JustSayin

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Glory Hallelujah!

     This is my response to those Trumpies that say that their boy has done more for black folks than any other President in history.

     Trump has actually done more for the black community since any president in history?
More than freeing the slaves?
More than signing the Civil Rights Act?
More than desegregating the military?  More than ending Jim Crow?
More than granting black folks the right to vote?
More than allowing us to sit at the lunch counter at Woolworth's so we could have a burger and a Coke with white folks?
     Those who believe that, did they actually ASK any black people whether that statement is true, or as usual, did they get that from Trump's Twitter account again or Fox News, Breitbart, or other right wing propaganda? 
     Trump, you say?
You mean the same guy who perpetuated the whole birther thing against Obama? The same guy who's old man discriminated against blacks in housing? The same guy who took out the full page ad in the NY Times who advocated for the death penalty for the Central Park 5, who were ultimately judged not guilty in the attack on the Central Park jogger?        
     That Trump? Oh please tell me more.  Enlighten me. Please tell me how dat nice Mista Trump done helped us poor darkies break our chains so we could be free! Glory Hallelujah! Praise Jesus and Mista Donald Trump!!