Tuesday, September 18, 2007

City League Preview Week 4

Despite a record number of explosions, The virgin getting away for the fourth year in a row, and the winning entry in the Most Lethal Alcoholic Concoction contest burning a 30 foot wide hole in the ground, Your City League Advocate's Birthday Bacchanal and Clam Bake went off as smoothly as Brashear's dismantling of the Peabody Highlanders last Friday afternoon. There were a few close calls. "Mad Mike Muchacho", a bacchanal regular for eight years almost caught the virgin, but she put a spin move on him that LaDainian Tolminson would have been proud of and literally shook him out of his shoes. Muchacho was so embarrassed by the whole incident that ran away from the party, into the woods and sat under a tree for the rest of the affair whimpering softly. As has happened for the last three years, some idiot grabbed one of the anti-tank weapons and cooked off a round almost hitting the cheerleaders and scaring the llama half to death. No one was injured, but the Advocate thinks that those girls won't be coming back next year. The local Constabulary made an appearance in their shiny new cruiser, and despite witnessing behavior that is illegal in at least 50 countries being performed before them, they said they saw nothing wrong here. A fine example of the police's mission to protect and to serve. Once again, another grand celebration of Your City League Advocates Birthday, and if you think that 45 was big, wait until you see 50. Yowza!!!

On to this week in the Pgh City League. Here are the standings after week 3

1. Brashear 2-0, 3-0
2. Allderdice 2-0, 2-1
3. Perry 2-0, 2-1
4. Peabody 1-1, 1-1
5. Carrick 1-1, 1-2
6. Schenley 0-1, 1-2
7. Westinghouse 0-1, 0-3
8. Oliver 0-2, 0-3
9. Langley 0-2, 0-3

The Brashear Bulls put the Quamane and Jermaine Show up against Peabody, and except for a few miscues on special teams and an early interception, DaBulls dominance over the Kilties was never in doubt. Peabody hung with the league leaders for a quarter, but then Brashear woke up and took over. Quamane Bryant carried the ball nine times for 102 yds, and TD's of 6 and 25 yds. Bruce Patterson carried for 80 yds on 13 carries. The Herd rolled up 283 yds total offense and their defense held Peabody to 18 yds rushing and sacked the QB a devestating 10 times. Jermaine Robonson completed 8 of 13 passes for 62 yds. The Highlanders got their lone score when Brashear muffed the opening kickoff, and Stewart Townsend scored on a 29 yd TD run. The next test for the Bulls will be against the Carrick Raiders, while the Highlanders will play the Schenley Spartans.

The Advocates' Allderdice Dragons were hitting on all cylinders against the Langley Mustangs sending the Ponies out to the glue factory 48-0. It's rare for an Allderdice team to mercy rule an opponent, so to see this massacre in person was a treat. Despite not having their feature back Joe Short, the Green Hats got 271 yds rushing from Anthony Irvin, (10 for 149 yds, 3 td) and Robere King( 11 for 122 yds, 3 td). The 'Dice got a strong defensive effort from the senior laden defense holding Langley to -9 yds of total offense. This was the first game in the City League this season that two running backs rushed for over 100 yds each. The next game for the undefeated Dragons will be the Advocate's Game of the Week against the also undefeated Perry Commodores. Langley will limp into next week's game against the Westinghouse Bulldogs who are also still looking for their first win.

The Oliver Bears were still reeling from their first two losses, and so the Advocate thought that the lowly Carrick Raiders would be the medicine to cure DaBears ills, right. As The Advocate's old Company Commander from his boot camp days put it so eloquently: " Wrong F'g Answer, Recruit!!!!" Carrick exacted revenge for years of beatdowns by the Bruins with a convincing 27-6 win. Ray Seskey toted the pig for 122 yds on 21 carries and scored 3 TDs. QB Mike Szoszorek feasted on the Bears defense passing 12 of 24 for 140 yds. Carrick's Rayshawn Banks rushed for a 34 yd TD. Oliver got their only score from a 20 yd pass from deVaughn Copeland to Dante Jeter. Oliver will go off the reservation for the second time this season, venturing 70 miles up to Sharon PA to take on the Tigers. Carrick will play Brashear.

The Perry Commodores defeated the Westinghouse Bulldogs 34-14 on the strength of a 2 scores by John Henderson, a 13 yd reception from QB Erron Farrow and a fumble recovery in the end zone.

The Schenley Spartans became the second team to win a non conference game in the City League this season defeating Leechburg 28-8. Jeremy Hawkins provided all the scoring for the Greeks, gaining 167 yds on 26 carries and sscoring on runs of 4, 35, and 12 yds, as well as returning the opening kickoff 82 yds for a touchdown. Schenley will next take on the Peabody Highlanders.


Your City League Advocate went 4-1 last week, only stumbling on the Carrick game to go 18-1 for the season.

Thursday September 20th

Westinghouse vs Langley. The Big Bad Bulldogs have a golden opportunity to get out of the cellar with a win against the Mustangs. The Dawgs are scoring points, they just need to put it all together and the Advocate thinks they will in this game. 'House by 14

Friday September 21st

Brashear vs. Carrick. If you like beatdowns you'll love this one. DaBulls can use this game as a tune-up for their showdown against Perry, who has denied DaBulls so many times on Championship Saturday. Brashear by 21


Allderdice vs Perry. This is the Advocate's Game of the Week. Both teams are undefeated in the City League, winning against opponents in the bottom half of the table. This is the first legit City League test these teams have had this season. The 'Dice has gotten strong rushing performances from Robere King to make up for the lack of Short, who will return to action for this game. Despite not having the top drawer talent in past years, Perry is still a very dangerous team. If Allderdice can get a good rushing attack from King and Short with also help from Irvin, they could hand the Commodores a loss which would leave the 'Dice and Brashear all alone at the top of the City League. The Commodores will try and stop the rush making Allderdice rely on the throwing the ball which has been an adventure with 'Dice QB's this season. This is an important game with playoff implications for both teams, but especially for Allderdice. The Advocate thinks the 'Dice can win this one, and he'll be in the crowd watching, but it's never wise to bet against Perry. Head versus heart, the Advocate will have to go with Perry by 7


Oliver at Sharon. Last year Oliver lost to Sharon by 9 points on their way to their first City Championship in 64 years. This year, with nothing on the line, This game will get ugly. Sharon by 20

Saturday September 22nd


Schenley vs Peabody. This is the beginning of a stretch of favorable games for the Peabody Highlanders as they attempt to get back into the City League playoff scene. If they can shake off the blowout against Brashear, they could win this game, they have the talent to beat the Spartans and they should. Peabody by 10

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