Wednesday, October 31, 2007

City League Preview Week 10

The final week of regular season football in the Pittsburgh City League has arrived. The playoffs commence next week. Four teams will go dancing, and one will be left next to the bean dip in a rented tux and an empty dance card, looking like a lost puppy. Who will it be? Will it be the upstart Carrick Raiders who've been the belle of the ball this season? Will it be the Perry Commodores who've looked more like a nerdy wallflower than the supremely confident Prince Charming of past years. What of those teams who will make it in? Who'll end up having the fun task of taking on a runaway Brashear Bulls team that has averaged a New England Patriots-like 33 points a game and is the only City League team this year to win both of their non-D8 contests? Will it be the Allderdice Dragons who had two of their three main rushing studs hurt against Brashear? Will it be the Schenley Spartans who had their six game win streak snapped in a thrilling double-overtime loss to Carrick last week? This weekends stable of games will answer these questions, and set the dance card for the 2007 City League Playoffs.

The Standings:

Brashear 7-0
Schenley 5-2
Allderdice 5-2
Carrick 5-2
Perry 4-3

Your City League Advocate will now blow the dust off his crystal ball, put on his Karnak turban and suss out the scenarios for the five teams in playoff contention. First, light a candle for ambiance. Second, wave a dead chicken over my computer to get the juju, the gris-gris and the mojo working. Eenie-meenee-jelly-beanie, the spirits are about to speak!!!!

Brashear--plays Langley this week, beat DuBois 49-13 last week. Clinched first place and #1 seed in the playoffs.

Schenley--plays Perry this week, lost in 2 OTs to Carrick 26-24 last week. If they beat Perry, they will knock the Commodores out of the playoff chase, and need Allderdice to beat Carrick in order to stay in 2nd place. Carrick owns the head to head tiebreaker over Schenley.

Allderdice--plays Carrick this week, beat Westinghouse 42-12 last week. Clinched a playoff spot no matter what they do against Carrick or what Schenley does against Perry because if they beat the Raiders, they'll hold onto third place. If they lose to Carrick, they'll drop into fourth place, and even if Perry beats Schenley and ties the 'Dice for 4th, the Dragons have the head-to head tiebreaker against the Commodores based on their 29-6 win over Perry back in week 4. The 'Dice can move into 2nd place if they win and Schenley loses.

Carrick--plays the 'Dice this week, beat Schenley 26-24 last week. They have to beat Allderdice and hope that Perry loses to Schenley. Perry owns the head to head over Carrick and would go into the playoffs ahead of the Raiders if Carrick lost to Allderdice.

Perry--plays Schenley this week, beat Langley 22-12 last week. They must beat Schenley and hope Allderdice loses to Carrick.


Your City League Advocate went 3-2 last week and is 41-8 for the season.

Thursday, November 1st
Schenley at Perry: A couple of weeks ago, The Advocate would have predicted that the high-flying Spartans would take the One Stars out behind the woodshed for a sound thrashing, but Perry has won two in a row and has a little of their swagger back. Schenley endured an emotional double overtime loss to the playoff starved Carrick Raiders and this will be a test of how well they can bounce back. The Advocate will take Schenley but he thinks that Perry will put a post-Halloween scare into the Greeks. Schenley by 7

Friday, November 2nd
Brashear vs Langley: Da Bulls can put Langley out of their misery for good tonight. Look for them to rest a lot of their starters and let the bench do the honors. Brashear by 30

Oliver vs Westinghouse: Oliver by 14.

Saturday November 3rd
Allderdice vs Carrick: This is a game that if Allderdice is not careful, they could very much lose. Carrick has the best QB in the City this season, they'll be very confident after their win over Schenley. Look for them to test the Dragons pass defense. The status of Robere King and Anthony Irvin for Saturday is unknown to the Advocate. Joe Short will get a lot of work, but if either King or Irvin are available, they'll be a load for the Raider defense to stop. This is a HARD game to pick. Carrick has the emotion, but Allderdice's defense has been tough all season. Allderdice by 3.

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