Friday, October 05, 2007

City League Preview Week 6

Well campers, September is over and October is here. Soon the leaves will start falling, and so will the temperature. Time to dig out the sweaters and windbreakers for those cool Friday nights at the local gridiron. The various races in the City League and the WPIAL are starting to simmer and in a couple weeks, they'll be on full boil, The second half of the City League begins this week, and the top four teams are starting to get their togs cleaned and pressed in anticipation for the playoff dance.

The Standings:

1.Brashear 4-0, 5-0
2.Allderdice 3-0, 3-2
3. Schenley 2-1, 3-2
4. Carrick 2-2, 2-3
4 Perry 2-2, 2-3
6. Oliver 1-2, 1-4
6. Westinghouse 1-2, 1-4
8. Peabody 1-3, 1-3
9. Langley 0-4, 0-5

See anything wrong with this picture? When was the last time that Allderdice was in second place? Even stranger, when was the last time that CARRICK was in the running for a playoff spot??? What is the stuff they're smoking up in Carrick, and better yet, can Your City League Advocate get a little some-some?. The Advocate was a little slack-jawed when he saw that The Raiders had given Perry all they wanted and then some in a 12-8 loss in week 2. But in their two wins over Oliver and Peabody, they've scored 64 points. And Peabody was expected to contend for a playoff spot by the Advocate in his pre-season preview. But clearly this is not a typical Carrick Raider squad, These injuns are on the warpath and the second half
of their schedule offers more than a few scalps to collect. Note to the 'Dice and Schenley: Don't take the Raiders for granted, they could sneak up on some one. The Raiders beat Peabody 37-6 off 207 yds passing by QB Mike Szoszorek to drop the Highlanders to 1-3 in the League. The Kilties have a chance to get back into the playoff race in the second half of the season with games against Westinghouse, Perry, and Oliver, and a tough matchup against the Advocate's Dragons.

Speaking of the Dragons, Allderdice hit the road last week heading down to West by-gawd Vriginia to take on a very strong Brooke Bruins squad. Despite a Brooke 21-0 lead in the second quarter, the Green Hats came back and scored 20 unanswered points off TD runs by Anthony Irvin, Joe Short, and Don Fickley, but could not convert the final extra point to lose 21-20, which to the Advocate ws a strong effort on the road. The loss drops the Dragons to 3-2 overall, but they will face a big test this week against the up and coming Schenley Spartans who put a hurting on the Westinghouse Bulldogs 26-6 behind a stellar rushing effort by league-leading running back Jeremy Hawkins who rushed 27 times for 185 yds and scored three TDs. The Greeks have won three in a row, and will be taking on a 'Dice team that has some pretty good runners of its own in Robere King, Joe Short, Anthony Irvin and Don Fickley. If you look at the Ciy League rushing stats, at least 3 of the top five rushers in the league will be playing against each other Friday afternoon. The Advocate looks forward to checking out this game in person. The 'Dice has been shutting down the run well lately. But they haven't seen a back like Hawkins yet this season. Then again, Schenley hasn't seen the multi-talented backfield the 'Dice has been sporting so far. The Spartans second half schedule is pretty favorable with winnable games against Langley, Carrick, Oliver and Perry. But they'll have to get past the 'Dice first, and the Advocate chooses this gane to be his Game of the Week. After this week, the 'Dice will have Peabody, Brashear, Westinghouse and Carrick, and if they can win out, except for Brashear, they should end up in 2nd place.

The Perry Commodores woes continue. The One Stars were smacked around by Brashear 28-7. Quamane Bryant ran for two TDs aand Jermaine Robinson rushed for 118 yds to keep the Bulls undefeated. Perry now will travel east 194 miles to Mechanicsburg to take on the perennial playoff contender Cumberland Valley. (Note to DR: Don't waste your money on this game it'll be over by the second quarter). However despite the ugly first half the Commodores suffered, they could still pile up a few wins and mike life miserable for Schenley in their season ender.

Oliver got one in the win column beating up the only team worse than them, the Langley Mustangs. 32-6.


Your City League Advocate went 4-1 last week to up his record to 26-3 thus far.

Thursday October 4th

Brashear vs Oliver: This season's Wall Street Game won't have nearly the amount of buzz and fireworks that last season's Championship final between these two teams generated. Brashear by 30

Friday October 5th

Schenley vs Allderdice: This is the 'Dice's homecoming game, and also The Advocate's Game of the Week. Schenley brings the top rated runner in the City League. The 'Dice brings four stud rushers of their own and a stiff run defense. The Advocate has not seen Schenley's QB in action so he does not know how good the Greek passing game is. He has seen the 'Dice's QB in action and prays that the game doesn't come down to who can put the ball in the air better. Serious tie-breaker implications in this game. The Advocate will go with the 'Dice partially out of bias, but also because they can run the ball so many different ways. 'Dice by 7


Langley vs Carrick: The Advocate is going to call the City League AD and offer him anything short of a certain sex act to switch this game with the 'Dice-Schenley game. It is a crime that a game like this will be played on the Main Stage during prime time high school football hours while the best game of the week gets slotted into the 3:30pm slot where five people and a German Shepherd will be watching it. Carrick by 20


Perry at Cumberland Valley: The Advocate has always given Perry credit for scheduling big non-League games. The One Stars got crushed by Erie Cathedral Prep in week one, and it gone down hill since. Now riding a two game losing streak, they'll have a 4 hour bus ride into the wilds of Pennsylbamatucky to take on Cumberland Valley. Can you say "three game losing streak" boys and girls?? I knew you could. Cumberland Valley by 25

Saturday October 6th

Peabody vs Westinghouse: Once this game meant something. Up thru the '70's, people would come from all over Western PA to watch the Highlanders and the Bulldogs strap it on. In Homewood and East Liberty, the Peabody-Westinghouse game guaranteed that the streets would be empty, everybody who was anybody came to see the 'House and the 'Body. The game still matters in those two communities, but the rest of the region won't even know nor care. Peabody needs this game to get back into the hunt. The 'House wants the win for respect. Peabody by 10

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