Thursday, October 25, 2007

City League Preview Week 9

OK, boys and girls, this will be a condensed form of Your City League Advocate's Preview for week 9. Not that the Advocate is lacking for material for his opening monologue, but that he wants to get to the action early.

The Standings.

Brashear 7-0
Schenley 5-1
Allderdice 4-2
Carrick 4-2
Perry 3-3
Oliver 2-4
Peabody 2-5
Westinghouse 1-5
Langley 0-6

Brashear rolled over the Allderdice Dragons 32-6 to stay undefeated in the City League at 7-0. Despite 11 penalties and 5 turnovers, DaBulls were able to all but shut down the 'Dice's triple threat running game because of mysterious ankle and tendon injuries to both Anthony Irvin and Robere King five minutes into the game. The fact that both running backs are the leading rushers in the 'Dice's running game as well as the 3rd and 1st ranked rushers in the City respectively, and that both injuries occurred in the same general area (ankle) and that both injuries occurred in the first minutes of the game leads the Advocate to believe that Brashear was engaged in a headhunting mission to take out both players in an effort to negatively affect Allderdice's offensive capabilities. The Advocate has no other proof that this was done intentionally or with malice, but there are waaaay too many coincidences here to think that this is nothing more than a couple of freak injuries. The Advocate hopes that he is not the only person who's thinking along the same lines and that the proper authorities have been contacted.
Anyway, the loss of Irvin and King left the offense in the capable hands of Joe Short, who was able to rush for 90 yds on 21 carries. The rest of the offense was limited to -16 rushing yds. The Dragons only had three first downs and the passing game while effective at times wasn't enough to break the speedy Brashear defense. The Herd outgained Allderdice 387-142 while getting touchdowns from Eric Hemmingway, Bruce Patterson and Jermaine Robinson. The bright spots for the 'Dice were that Taj Robinson scored the only Allderdice TD on a 30 yd pass play, and Javon Williams had two picks. Brashear will host Du Bois High School in a non-league game at the George Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm. Allderdice, who has lost three of its last four hopes to right the ship against the Westinghouse Bulldogs tonight at 7:00pm. With this win, Brashear has clinched the City League regular season title and the first place seed for the playoffs.

Schenley won its sixth in a row last Thursday in a 26-8 rout of Oliver, and has further solidified its hold on second place. The only way the Greeks can fall out of second is if they lose their last two games against Carrick and Perry, They can't take over first because of their loss to Brashear earlier this season. They do own the head to head tiebreaker over Allderdice. The Spartans will play the surprising Carrick Raiders on Saturday afternoon at 12pm. If they win this game, they are assured of second place in the City and the season ender against Perry is irrelevant. A win over Carrick is not the sure thing it used to be in days past. The Raiders have the league leading quarterback in the City in Mike Szoszorek who has thrown over 1,000 yds and added three TDs to his stats in a 41-6 beatdown of Westinghouse. The Tribe also has a credible running game in the person of Ray Seskey, and a deep threat in James Jett. The Raiders have two very tough games coming up against Schenley and Allderdice. Wins against both teams would catapult Carrick into second place and a playoff spot. Going 1-1 could put them in the playoffs depending on which team they beat and whatever Perry does. The playoff hopes of at least two teams rest on what happens to Carrick.

Perry snapped their four game losing streak and sent Peabody out of the playoff chase with a 43-20 spanking of the Highlanders, the second straight time that a team has hung 40+ points on the Kilties this season. Perry got two touchdown passes from Erron Farrow to John Richardson and Richard Lowry respectively, and Lowry ran the ball for 127 yds on 13 carries. Peabody got two scores from Ryan Bailey 1 rushing and 1 passing. Perry needs to win out and hope for help in they want to make the playoffs.


Your City League Advocate went 4-1 last week to go 38-6 on the season.

Thursday October 25

Allderdice vs Westinghouse: The Advocate does not know the status of Robere King or Anthony Irvin for tonights game against the Bulldogs, but giving the ball to Short should be more than enough to win. The Green Hats can use this game to tune up for the very important matchup against Carrick. Allderdice by 18

Friday October 26

Peabody at Oliver: Both teams have lost two out of their last three, but Peabody's riding a two game losing streak. Neither team's going to the playoffs, and unless Peabody picks up a week 10 game like they did last year, this marks the end of a disappointing season for the Highlanders. They'll want to go out with some pride, but Oliver won't let them. Oliver by 10


Perry at Langley: If getting crushed by Warren JFK 55-0 was bad enough, the Mustangs now have to face a Perry team desperate to make the playoffs and the most dominant team in the League in their last two games. Neither game will be pretty and only those who love trainwrecks will appreciate the carnage. Perry by 25

Saturday October 27

Schenley vs Carrick: The Advocate's Game of the Week. If Schenley is not careful, Carrick could bite them in the butt. The Advocate saw the Spartans in action against the 'Dice and that night, they were getting by on just raw talent. They had no discipline and had at least twenty penalties called against them. Carrick has the weapons to keep Schenley off balance. But Schenley has a pretty good defense against the pass. The Advocate sees Schenley winning this game, but it will be close. Schenley by 7

The Du Bois Beavers out of District 9 travel 103 miles down Rt 28 to the George to take on the Brashear Bulls. The Beavers are 2-6 this season. But two weeks ago they lost to a very good Selinsgrove team 7-0 on the road. Last year, the Beavers beat Brashear 23-14 at home, but this year, Brashear has speed and athleticism that Du Bois hasn't seen this season. Brashear's riding high, they've clinched the top seed, they're ripe for a loss, and they make take things a little easy. DaBulls did not look good against the 'Dice in terms of discipline and penalties, but they have enough raw talent to overcome a lot of penalties if playing against teams that can't matchup to them. Looking at their roster, DuBois doesn't have a big line on either side of the ball and on the D9 website, the predictions lean heavily towards Brashear But The Advocate thinks that Brashear will win this game, but I don't think it will be as easy. Brashear by 10.

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