Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More of the Stuff that I fill My Head...With!!!

The last post to this blog dealt with some of the podcasts that I listen to in order to pass the time when sitting in a closed entertainment facility in the Strip along the river watching the geese shit all over the place.

From the tech files...

ExtremeTech.com. If you like your computers with graphics that will make your eye's bug out, terabytes of storage for all the video and music( and other things) you've ripped, and CPU's overclocked to within a hair's breadth of meltdown, this podcast is for you. Loyd Case and the boys expound on all things uber tech. They talk about the hot rod computers with high performance and price tags to match. HD TV?? They've got it covered. They are serious geeks and the podcast shows it. I listen even though I can't afford any of the stuff they cover, because I can fantasize about how the other half lives.

GameSpot presents the HotSpot. Videogames. What's hot, What's not. What's coming to which console and when.

Cranky Geeks. John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine heads this panel of tech insiders about the geek news of the week. Opinions as well as flash cards fly in this audio and video podcast about tech, cranks, and cranky tech.

PCMag Radio. Yet Another Tech Podcast, with a bunch of guys talking tech. Do you sense a pattern here??

This Week In Law. This podcast is part of the TWiT empire. The panelists as well as the host are attorneys who delve into the legal minutiae of the Internet. Bloggers rights, piracy, the RIAA and the MPAA's attempts to enforce DRM, If it involves the law and how it applies to the Internet, they'll cover it. The podcast does not come out all that often, and as the panelists are attorneys, much of the dialogue is in legalese and that means ordinary humans won't have a clue as to what's being said. You might want to have a lawyer or other legal professional alongside to interpret the more arcane phrases. But if you are willing, you can glean some information about the legal aspects behind Internet society.

OK, enough geek, now to going very fast around a track making hundreds of left turns.

IMS Radio. As my profile indicates, I am a Danicaholic. Which means that I am a fan of Indy Car Racer and major babe Danica Patrick. I was in seventh heaven when she finally got that big ugly-ass monkey of her back by winning her first Indy Car race in after five years of racing open-wheel race cars. Yea, she's drop dead gorgeous, but she also has the guts and skill to drive an 800 horsepower race car in a 200+ mph traffic jam for 2 and 3 hours at a stretch. Very few men can do that. And I'm enough of a man to give her her props for doing it. But by listening to the IMS Radio podcast which broadcasts flag to flag coverage of every Indy Car Series race this season., I can get all the Danica I want...just don't tell her husband. I don't know of any other sports league that puts its events out on a full-length podcast.

Last, but not least, I listen to Japan Talk from japundit.com. Back in my Navy days, I spent a few days in Japan. Sasebo, to be exact. I didn't have a chance to go visit much beyond the base, outside of going to a few very expensive bars, but I've always found Japan to be an interesting and fascinating country. A culture that imitates America, but with it's own unique and sometimes bizarre twist. This podcast delivers some of the more off-beat news and happenings from the Land of The Rising Sun. You gotta love a country where the police arrested a man for using a water pistol to squirt Japanese schoolgirls with soy sauce. When asked why he did it, the man replied that he did it to relieve stress. Only in Japan.

Lucky for me all these podcasts don't come all at once, or I'd never get caught up. But this is what I listen to, at some cost to my reading. It's painfully apparent to those of you that I really need to get out more and maybe get a girlfriend. Get Real!!! That's what The Denise is for!!! On an average day, I'll listen to about 4-6 hours of podcasts a day. I get a lot from them, and it's a good way to kill time.

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