Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2008 City League Football Preview Week 2

The Opening weekend of City League action went like a usual session in Everyone's Favorite Little Football League: One decent game and a butt load of blowouts. The one game that Your City League Advocate thought would be remotely entertaining wasn't as No.1 ranked Brashear laid the wood to Perry 28-3 with Manesseh Garner scoring 3 touchdowns.

Carrick and Peabody provided the sole decent football game of the weekend by putting on a wild and wooly affair and when the dust had settled over the George, The Tribe had pulled out a 35-30 win over the Highlanders. Ray Seskey led Carrick with a 146 yd rushing performance and a 77 yd kickoff return for a touchdown. Bruce Thorton scored 2 TD's of an 85 yd kickoff return and 10 yd reception for the Raiders while Pierre Carr showed his talent for blazing speed scoring TDs on an 40 yd run from scrimmage and an 80 yd pass reception.

The rest of the weekend was standard City League with much stompage of the bottom feeders of the loop. Langley lost their 21st straight game going back to 2005 with a 40-2 loss to the Oliver Bears. DaBears were paced by Martise Smith who ran over, under, through, and around the Langley defense to the tune of 251 yds and 3 TDs. Upsher Ferguson scored on a 24 yd TD pass from DeVaughn Copeland. Oliver also scored on a run of 42 yds by David Marshall and Copeland helped his own cause by chipping in a 25yd TD run.

The Westinghouse Bulldogs opened the Monte Robinson era the same way they closed the eras of the last three head coaches who tried valiantly to resurrect the once vaunted football program, with a 34-0 thumping at the hands of the Schenleystein Spartans. The East Liberty/Shadyside/Oakland/HillDistrict Transplants were led by Jerome Matthews and Jerome Pollard who scored 2 TDs each along with a fumble recovered in the endzone to put the Dawgs in the pound early.

The Advocate's Allderdice Dragons went off the reservation for the third year in a row opening out in the shadow of the Thunderbolt at West Mifflin, and for the third year in a row the Dragons came back home looking like what happens when the Advocate tried to ride the Thunderbolt, The Racer, The Jack Rabbit and the Steel Phantom one after the other without a break between, after stuffing his face with corn dogs, potato patch fries and funnel cakes. In short, the Green Hats threw up all over themselves in a 56-12 Technicolor upchuck by the West Mifflin Titans. The Dragons scored their points on two TD passes of 89 and 16 yds to Kendron Jones. Well, if one game can be relied on for any kind of reference, it looks like the 'Dice may have a quarterback this season.

In the first week of the revived City League pick 'em, Everybody lost on Carrick-Peabody with the consensus going with the Highlanders. The Advocate, coach99, and THSFan swept the rest of the games to go 4-1 on the week, while Falcons01 and mal_8ball picked Perry to beat Brashear, which they didn't.

CLA 4-1 16pts
coach99 4-1 16pts
THSfan 4-1 16 pts
Falcons01 3-2 12pts
mal_8ball 3-2 12pts.

The Advocate won the tiebreaker predicting 34 points scored in the North Hills-Mt. Lebo game with that final total being 20.

This week's matchups:

Thursday Sept 4
6:00pm Perry(0-1) vs Schenleystein (1-0)
The Commodores need to right the ship this week, they came off a very disheartening loss to a bitter rival. How will this loss affect them? This early in the season, who knows?? Schenleystein opened with an easy win, Perry may be down but they are still light years ahead of the 'House. The Advocate can't decide whether this game or the 'Dice-Carrick game would qualify as his Game of the Week, because both of these matchups stand the best chance being even remotely watchable after the first quarter, which is a major determining factor in choosing the Advocate's Game of the Week. The Advocate will go with the Greeks in a squeaker. Schenleystein by 6

Friday Sept 5
3:30pm Oliver(1-0) vs Westinghouse (0-1)
The Advocate is reaching for an ice pick to gouge out his eyes in an effort to avoid watching the carnage. Bears by 25

7:30pm Carrick (1-0) vs Allderdice (0-1)
We know that after one game, Carrick can pile on the points. What do we know about Allderdice? Nothing except that maybe it's time for Dandy Don to stop scheduling West Mifflin for the first game of the season. This is the City League opener for the Dragons and the thumping they took at the hands of the Titans doesn't tell the Advocate a lot about how this team will do against competition that's a closer to their level. Carrick has a legit scoring threat in Ray Seskey. The Advocate has to go with his head over his heart and predict that the Raiders will defeat the Dragons. Carrick by 7

Saturday Sept 6
12:00pm Brashear (1-0) vs Langley (0-1)
This game should be considered cruel and unusual punishment on the Langley players and also the fans who'll subject themselves to watching this disaster. Bulls by 35
Falcons01 and mal8_ball, this is the closest you guys will ever get to a freebie on this or any other pick 'em on the PSB. You blow this one, there's no hope for you.

Peabody is off until September 11th.

The tiebreaker:

Hampton at West Allegheny. Just pick the total points, not the winner

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