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2008 City League Preview Week 6

As is the tradition in Your City League Advocate's Previews of Everyone's Favorite Little High School Football League, once the season hits the halfway point we concentrate on the teams still in the running for the playoffs.  

The Standings:

1. Brashear   5-0
2.  Perry  4-1
3.  Carrick   3-1
4.  Schenley   3-2
5.  Oliver   2-3
6.  Peabody   1-3
6.  Westinghouse   1-3
6.  Langley   1-3
9.  Allderdice   0-4

Brashear maintained its perfect record in City League play by posting a 45-6 win over Westinghouse. The next game for DaBulls is on Friday night at 7:30 when they take on the upstart Carrick Raiders, who represented the City League admirably in a 37-26 loss to an undefeated Sharon Tiger squad out of District 10.  

The One Stars of Perry maintained their hold on second place by squeaking past North Side rival Oliver 6-0 on an 11yd TD run by QB Greg McGhee on the last play of the first half.  The Commodores next face the winless Allderdice Dragons on Saturday at 12:00pm. 

Schenleystein is holding on to the fourth and final playoff spot by virtue of a 21-8 win over the Langley Mustangs.  After spotting the Ponies an 8-0 lead on a 34 yd run by Jesse Bell, the Spartans took over and never looked back.  Jerome Matthews pulled in a 24yd TD pass from Eric Carter to put the score at 8-6, and then Carter called his own number on a 1yd rush to take the lead for good and Bill Gilliam put the icing on the cake with a 4 yd TD run.  Next for the Spartans is a 6:00pm Thursday tilt against Peabody.

Now The Advocate looks up the road a little to see who has the best chance to solidify their playoff hopes and who could fall by the wayside.

The Upcoming Schedule for the Playoff Contenders...

 at Carrick   3-1
Peabody  1-3
at Oliver  2-3
at Wheeling Central Catholic (non conference)
Head to Heads:  Perry, Schenley, 

Outside of a potentially tough matchup against the Raiders and what should be the most challenging game this year in the season ender at Wheeling Central,  DaBulls have a pretty easy shot to the playoffs.  

Allderdice  0-4
at Westinghouse  1-3
at DuBois (non conference)
at Langley  1-3
Head to Heads:  Schenley, Oliver, Carrick

Perry has THE easiest road to the playoffs, there should be no reason why the One Stars should not go 7-1 and lock down the second seed.  That and they won the head to head advantage against the rest of the contenders except for Brashear.  

Brashear  5-0
Oliver  2-3
at Langley  1-3
at Schenley  3-2
Head to Heads:  None
The Raiders do have a couple of games on the docket that could potentially trip them up, assuming they lose to Brashear.  Oliver could be a stumbling block to Carrick if they aren't careful especially because DaBears are a game out of fourth place and have lost the head to head to the team in fourth, Schenley and will need some outside help as well as to win out.  Schenley could be a challenge also as they are fighting to hold onto 4th place.

at Peabody  1-3
at Wheeling Central Catholic (non conference)
at Allderdice  0-4
Carrick  3-2
Head to Heads: Oliver
The Spartans have two bottom feeders on which to build momentum.  The Wheeling game is strictly a treat, as Schenley isn't expected to win, but it gets them out of town for a night.  The Carrick game for the season ender could be for third place if the Spartans play their cards right and Carrick has a bobble.

at Carrick  3-2
Brashear  5-0
at Peabody  1-3
Head to Heads: None
DaBears have a week off to rest and recover, and then two gut-rippers in a row with Carrick and Brashear.  Preferably, they must win out to insure an invite to the dance but they need to at least spilt against Carrick and Brashear and win against Peabody and hope for some help. 

The Pick 'em lost a player.  But the rest of the field soldiers on.  All except for coach99 went 5-0 on the week.  coach getting burned by Oliver's loss to Perry.

Week 5
CLA  5-0  20pts
THSFan   5-0  20pts
Falcons_01  5-0  20pts
coach99  4-1  16pts

CLA  18-5   72pts
falcons_01  18-5  72pts
THSFan  17-6   68pts
coach99  16-7  64pts

Thursday October 2nd
6:00pm  Schenley at Peabody.  The Spartans shouldn't have trouble with Peabody, but in a league where Langley and Westinghouse can pull out upset wins in successive weeks. Never say never.  Spartans by 10

Friday  October 3rd
3:30pm  Westinghouse vs Langley.   Folks, The Advocate has been to more than a few Friday 3:30pm games and frankly, there's nothing more depressing than watching two bad teams on a Friday afternoon in front of about a couple hundred fans tops. The Advocate watched the Peabody-Allderdice game last Friday afternoon and he personally counted about 40 people over on the Peabody side.   Even the better drawing clubs like Allderdice, Perry, and Brashear don't get great crowds on Friday afternoons.  The Advocate predicts that there won't be 100 people total at the George to watch this game.  But at least one of these two teams will get their second win of the season and considering the recent football histories of both Westinghouse and Langley,  two wins in a season is the most that either team has had in a while.  Being a Homewood guy, Your City League Advocate has to pull for the Big Bad Bulldogs.  Westinghouse by 7

7:30pm  Brashear vs Carrick.   This could be a game that could trip Brashear up, if they aren't careful.  Having seen the Bulls in action, they can be a little slow getting off the ground offensively.  Carrick has some legit weapons and they will be fired up to take on the top team.  But if they don't score quickly and put Brashear on their heels, early on,   The Bulls can run all over the Tribe.  Brashear  by 10

Saturday  October 4th
12:00pm   Allderdice vs Perry.  The only threat that Perry faces in these toothless Dragons is staying motivated.  The Dragons have shown slivers of potential in the running back position, but they are very young and raw.  Perry will be looking for revenge after the 'Dice beat them last season for the first time since 1982.  Perry  by 20

Bonus Tiebreaker

Belle Vernon vs Trinity

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