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2008 City League Preview Week 7

This week in the City League finds three of the top four teams in the League emerging victorious, Brashear staying clean after six weeks and Oliver still with a flickering chance at a playoff bid.

The Standings:

1. Brashear 6-0
2. Perry 5-1
3. Schenley 4-2
4. Carrick 3-2
5. Oliver 2-3
5. Langley 2-3
7. Peabody 1-4
7. Westinghouse 1-4
9. Allderdice 0-5

Brashear remains atop the league with a perfect 6-0 record winning their 17th straight City League game by defeating 4th seeded Carrick 21-6. Brashear's Henri Chapman ran for two TD's and James Reed scored a TD late in the game. This was an ugly affair with 10 penalties, 10 turnovers between the two squads and 9 punts. Carrick was able to keep Brashear to its lowest scoring total all season. The Advocate is not really all that impressed with Brashear. They do tend to start slowly, and they are not a very disciplined squad. It's only because teams have not been able to make them pay in these early moments of the games, that they are undefeated. They have weapons, but they are not what I would call an impressive team compared to the rest of the area. Most likely, they will repeat as City Champs, but just like last year and in past years, The Advocate would not be surprised if they are handily defeated in the first round of the PIAA's. Brashear will next take on the 1-4 Peabody Highlanders

The Perry Commodores remain one game behind DaBulls at 5-1 with a 47-20 win over the Advocate's winless Dragons. The One Stars will next take on Westinghouse.

Schenleystein won its second game in a row and stays a game ahead of Carrick for third place at 4-2 by winning 28-8 over Peabody. The Spartans will take Rt 70 into Wheeling West-by-Gawd Virginia to take on Wheeling Central Catholic who manhandled the Oliver Bears in a game that the Advocate completely over looked. You see, The Advocate thought that Oliver had an open date, and didn't bother to make a prediction, or list it in the preview. Imagine his surprise whe he found out that DaBears actually did have a game, and it was against Wheeling CC. DeVaughn copeland threw for one TD in the 34-13 loss. Oliver still has a chance to make it to the playoffs, if they can beat Carrick on Saturday and can win out. A win by DaBears will tie both teams up at 3-3 and give Oliver the critical head-to-head matchup in the tiebreaker. Winning out could be a tougher task with Brashear on the horizon. Carrick has a slightly easier road with Langley and Schenley next up on their schedule.

Due to the Advocate's faux pas re: Oliver-Wheeling CC, he gave all participants in the pick 'em a free win. Considering the matchup, it was just as well. Falcons_01 was the only one with a clean sheet this week going 5-0 w/ the freebie, the rest of the field got busted for following the Advocate when he chose the 'House to beat Langley, and ended up 4-1 on the week.

THSFan won the bonus game with 34pts.
Week 6 results:
Falcons_01 5-0 20pts
CLA, coach99, and THSFan 4-1 16 pts.

Falcons_01 23-5 92 pts
CLA 22-6 88 pts
THSfan 21-7 84pts
coach99 20-8 80pts

Friday October 10

3:30pm Perry vs Westinghouse: Perry should mercy rule the Big Bads in the first half just like old times. Perry by 35

7:30pm Langley vs Allderdice: Allderdice posted its highest point total this season in garbage time against Perry. Maybe, just maybe this might motivate the Dragons enough to beat the Mustangs and extinguish what little playoff hopes they have. Still...The Advocate has not lost going against his alma mater this season, and he's riding the Ponies Langley by 6

Saturday October 11

1:00pm Schenley at Wheeling Central Catholic: This game won't hurt the Spartans in the standings unless one of their go to guys gets injured. The Advocate is hoping that Schenley will present a more challenging opponent for Wheeling CC, but he does not think that the Spartans will break the City League's winless streak against non D8 opponents this season. Wheeling by 14

3:30pm Brashear vs Peabody: It's hard getting excited for a game like this. Peabody was supposed to be a force in the City this season, but it didn't pan out for the Kilties. Another mercy rule special Brashear by 35

7:00pm Oliver vs. Carrick: the most intriguing matchup in a weekend of very unattractive football. Oliver can play spoiler and help their own cause if they win this game, and they have just enough tools to do it. But the Advocate likes this Raider squad. Carrick by 10

Bonus Game : South Fayette at Cornell 24pts

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