Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 City League Preview Week 8

Well campers,  Your City League Advocate has noticed that at least two City League teams have received their invites to the annual playoff gala, and are counting their shekels to see how much the tux, the corsage, and the stretch Hummer will set them back.  One more team is certain that their invite is on the way, but can't be too sure, and the others are hoping that theirs didn't get lost in the mail.  

The Standings:

1. Brashear   7-0
2. Perry    6-1
3. Carrick  4-2
3. Schenley  4-2
5. Langley  3-3
6. Oliver    2-4
7. Peabody   1-5
7. Westinghouse    1-5
9.  Allderdice     0-6

The Brashear Bulls clinched their ticket to the party with a 54-22 pasting of Peabody.  This marks the 18th straight City League win. And their closest compeitior, Perry lost the head to head matchup to DaBulls waaaaay back in week 1.  Even if The Herd should somehow lose this week and Perry should win,  Brashear will still be the No.1 seed going into the playoffs.  DaBulls finish their City League season Saturday afternoon against Oliver, and then travel down to Wheeling to play Wheeling Central next Friday night.

Perry secured second place on the strength of a 26-6 win over Westinghouse.   The One Star's only loss is to Brashear, and their only other City League game is against Langley, which they should win without much trouble.  The Commodores own the head to head over all the other teams in playoff contention (Schenley and Carrick), so barring a highly improbable loss to Langley, second place is in the bag.  This week,  Perry will tarvel 104 miles up Route 28 to DuBois, PA to take on the Beavers.

Carrick and Schenleystein are tied for third in the City League with identical 4-2 records.  Assuming both teams win this weeks matchups against Langley and Allderdice, respectively, they will play next week for third place.  Carrick beat Oliver 18-12 to eliminate the Bears from playoff contention, and Schenley trooped down to Wheeling and suffered the same fate as DaBears, losing their shirts to the Maroon Knights 42-26.  

Langley kept their playoff hopes alive with a 21-20 win over Allderdice, and must win against Carrick this week in order to stay in the race.  The Mustangs are on a bit of a hot streak winning their last two in a row, admittedly against the bottom half of the loop.  

The Pick 'Em is mighty tight with only 3 games separating the contenders.  CLA and THSFan scored clean sheets going 5-0 on the week, while coach99 rolled the 'Dice and crapped out and Falcons_01 put his money on a Bear market and got mauled.  Due to Falcons miscue and CLA's perfect week, both pundits are tied at the top.  

Week 7 results
CLA  and  THSFan 5-0  20 points
coach99 and Falcons_01  4-1  16 points

CLA   27-6     108pts
Falcons_01   27-6   108pts
THSFan   26-7   104 pts
coach99   24-9    96pts.  

Thursday  October 16, 2008  6:00pm
Allderdice vs. Schenley
Your City League Advocate could imagine a scenario in which his Dragons could play spoiler and beat a Schenley team that may be looking ahead to their season ender to Carrick for third place.  But while The Advocate has a pretty active imagination, he's never been known to be that self-delusional.   Schenley by 14

Friday  October  17th, 2008  3:30pm
Westinghouse vs. Peabody.
The Battle of the East End, and arguably the most storied rivalry in City League football makes it's annual appearance this weekend as the Bulldogs and the Highlanders lock it down at the George.   Back in the day,  the mere mention of Westinghouse-Peabody in the East End insured that the streets of Homewood, East Liberty, Lemington, Lincoln Ave, Stanton Heights, Morningside and Highland Park would be empty as these two historic programs did battle.  Now both teams are a shadow of their former selves.  Neither has sniffed a City Title in years, and the future of at least one or both schools is in question.  Both teams are well out of playoff contention, and the early Friday afternoon kickoff time insures that the crowd for this game will be a small one.  Hopefully, some of the old Highlanders and Bulldogs still in the area have educated the young bucks on the importance of this rivalry.   Peabody has had the measure of this game over the years, but playing for nothing but community pride could make this game the most interesting one of the weekend.   The Advocate will stay with trends and pick the Kilties to prevail.   Peabody by 7 

Carrick vs. Langley
This game could be a trip game for the Raiders if they look ahead to Schenley and ignore the Mustangs who have won two in a row and have the incentive of needing to win to have a outside shot at the playoffs.  Neverhteless, Carrick has a lot of weapons, and should be able to dispatch the Ponies.  Carrick by 10

Perry at DuBois.
The DuBois Beavers are 5-2 on their season and presumably in playoff contention. The Advocate wasn't able to get a lot of info about the Beavers, although The City League has a history with Du Bois.  Brashear played them twice splitting, and Schenley also played DuBois and lost.  Perry has a pretty strong squad this season, and while they aren't the dominant team of the early part of the decade, they still have some of their swagger.  The Advocate believes that the One Stars can hang with the Beavers and will go out on a limb and predict that they can win this game.   Perry by 7

Saturday October 18th, 2008 12pm
Brashear vs.Oliver
Pittsburgh's version of the Wall Street Game kicks off Saturday as the Bulls and the Bears battle it out.  Only in this case, unlike the stock market which has been in a very nasty Bear market,  this time around, put your money on the Bulls to make your investment go up,up,up.   Brashear by 20

Bonus Game:

Monaca vs. Neshannock   48pts. 

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