Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 City League Preview Week 9

The invitations for the City League Playoffs have all but been formalized.  Three teams have received the gilt-edged, raised letter ducats while two teams are left to fight it out for the last one.  Brashear, Perry, and Schenley are at the tuxedo shop getting fitted for their sure to be horrifically colored penguin suits while Carrick and Langley still have to hope for a little outside help.  

The Standings

1. Brashear   8-0

2. Perry     6-1

3. Schenley 5-2

4. Carrick  4-3

4. Langley  4-3


6. Westinghouse  2-5

6.  Oliver      2-5

8.  Peabody  1-6

9.  Allderdice   0-7

Your City League Advocate was wondering what had gotten into the water over in Sheraden, and moreover, could the Advocate get a little some-some??  The Langley Mustangs, long a doormat for the City League had won two straight games and were to face the Carrick Raiders last Friday night with playoff implications on the line.  Your City League Advocate predicted that this game could be a trap game for the Raiders because had they won, they could have coasted into the playoffs and left the Ponies in the dust.  Langley had little to lose and had to win out in order to get into the playoffs.

Well, what did the Advocate see when perusing the newspaper while eating his morning Cherrios??  Only that his prediction came true and that the Mustangs knocked off the Raiders 29-14 on the strength of four TD's scored by Joey Bell.  This startling development was sure to have caused much consternation up off Browns Hill Road because this propells the Raiders and Mustangs into a tie for the fourth and final spot in the City League.  What's more,  Langley now owns the head to head tiebreaker against Carrick.  And as long as the Horsies can seal the deal Friday night, there's nothing that The Tribe can do to keep them out of the playoffs.   BUT...and there's a big BUT,  Langley's next and final game of the season is against the 6-1 Perry Commodores, who were able to salvage a little respect for the City in non-conference action being the only team thus far to win against non-City opponents by defeating the DuBois Beavers out of District 9  27-21.

So, here's the situation.  Pay attention, there will be a quiz afterward. If Langley beats Perry, they will move into fourth place at 5-3 and go to the playoffs and it won't matter what Carrick does against Schenley because the Raiders lost the head to head against the Mustangs.   If Langley loses, they'll  drop to 4-4 and must hope that Carrick loses against Schenley.  If Carrick can beat Schenley and Langley loses, then the Raiders will take third place from the Spartans due to the head to head tiebreaker going into the Raiders favor and Langley is out...Got all that??? Don't make the Advocate repeat it again!!!

In other City League news, The 1st place Brashear Bulls are the first team to finish the City portion of their schedule and will travel to Wheeling, West-By-Gawd Virginia to take on the Maroon Knights of Wheeling Central Catholic.  The Knights have already beaten two City squads this season by a combined score of 76-39, but this is the first time they have faced Brashear, and this game will be DaBulls' toughest challenge this season having beaten everyone in the City League by an average of 28 points/game.   The Herd finished off the Oliver Bears  33-14 to finish 8-0 and their 19th straight league win.  

The Schenleystein Spartans maintained their 3rd place slot by sending the Advocate's Dragons down to their 7th straight defeat this season 46-18.  And finally, Westinghouse took the measure of the Peabody Highlanders to win their first game in a month and a half, 26-12. 

The Langley, Perry, and Westinghouse wins decimated the Pick 'em field this week.  The entire field picked Carrick and got scalped for their efforts.  The Advocate was the only one to get the Perry game right and THSFan had faith in the 'House.  

Week 8

CLA and THSFan  3-2   12 points

coach99 and falcons_01  2-3  8 points 


CLA    30-8    120pts

THSFan  29-9   116pts

Falcons_01  29-9  116pts

coach99  26-12    104pts

Thursday  October 23

6:00pm   Perry vs. Langley.   For the Mustangs, it's simple.  Win and they're in.  Lose and hope for a Carrick loss, otherwise back home to the West End.  Perry's already wrapped up second place, but the Advocate doubts that they will rest their starters for the playoffs.  That's not Perry's way. They'll want to have plenty of momentum for the post-season.  Langley's wins except for Carrick have come against the bottom half of the league, but the Mustangs should have no problem getting up for this game.  Still, even with the incentive of reaching the playoffs for the first time in many years, The Advocate doubts that the Mustangs have the firepower to beat the One Stars.  In his heart, the Advocate is pulling for the Ponies, but his head tells him that the Commodores are the better team.   Perry by 10

Friday  October 24

3:30pm  Allderdice vs. Westinghouse.   There's nothing left for these two teams to play for except pride.  The 'House wants to win its second game in a row and third overall this season, and the 'Dice just wants to get rid of the zero.  This has been a supreme disappointment for the Advocate's Dragons this season.  He knew that the Green Hats lost a lot due to graduation, but after watching a couple games this season, he had no idea how bad this team was.  Hopefully Coach Schmidt can get the 'Dice off snake eyes and back onto Lucky 7's next season, but the Advocate just does not see his Dragons getting it done against the Big Bads.  House by 3

7:30pm  Oliver vs. Peabody.  Both teams had playoff aspirations at the beginning of the season, but 3 straight opening losses for the Highlanders and 5 straight losses after a 2-1 start for the Bears doomed both these teams to the bottom half of the table.  Despite this game being in the prime time spot,  don't expect much a crowd to see this one.  The Advocate sees DaBears pulling this one out.    Oliver by 7

7:30pm  Brashear at Wheeling Central.  This will be the toughest game Brashear has had since the stomping they took at the hands of Erie Cathedral Prep in the first round of the PIAA's last season.   They should give Wheeling a pretty good run for their money.  Winning this game will give DaBulls plenty of momentum for the City playoffs as well as a taste of what's to come should they win City.  Although the Advocate would think that Wheeling Central would not stand much of a chance against Erie Prep.  Still, he has to pick a winner and he must go with Wheeling.     Wheeling by 10

Saturday October 25

12:00pm  Carrick vs Schenley.  By now, the Raiders must be playing the "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" game. "If we woulda beat Langley, we wouldn't need Perry to handle our business."  " We shoulda saw this for the trap game like the Advocate predicted, otherwise, we'd be playing for third place instead of having our fate decided by someone else",  "We coulda been sitting pretty, but we blew it, and now we have to sweat the load."   Fortunately for the Raiders, by the time Carrick plays Schenley, they will have already known their fate, as Langley will have decided it two days prior.  The question is: will Carrick be able to get past this distraction and focus enough on Schenley to get the win they need?  Because they can get third place if they win and Langley loses.  If they lose and Langley wins or loses, the Raiders are out.  Schenley has incentive to win because they don't want to drop to 4th place and play Brashear in the first round of the playoffs.  Schenley has won three straight league games, while Carrick has lost 2 of their last 3.  The Advocate has to go with the team with the hot hand and that is Schenley  Schenley by 7

No bonus game this week.