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Chapter 4--The Song of the Goddesses

Chapter 4

8:15pm Friday Evening.

Like all other Motor Club meetings, there was business to be discussed. Sora, or rather Tamiya and Ootaki through Sora, discussed their latest wacky scheme to get some much needed cash into the Club's bank account, which as usual was almost empty. Something about a blindfolded motorized unicycle race. They tried to get Keiichi to throw his lot in, but in a very uncharacteristic move, Belldandy vehemently insisted that Keiichi not be involved. Tamiya and Ootaki tried to override her protests by claiming that she was not a member of the Motor Club, but Chihiro broke in invoking her “founder's privileges” saying that because Belldandy had done so much work for the Motor Club in the past, including participating in races, acting as a race queen as well as fixing tea and lunch for the members while they were doing their projects, that she was entitled to a voice at the meeting. She also used her founder's privileges to confer Motor Club membership to Belldandy on the spot, even though, like Keiichi, Bell was no longer a student at Nekomi Tech. And despite Bell's request that it wasn't necessary to make her a member, Chihiro would not be dissuaded otherwise. Suitably chastened, Tamiya and Ootaki clammed up.

There was other minor business to be covered, but the proceedings quickly gave way to the real reason for being there, and that was: gorging on Belldandy's wonderful cooking; getting blind stinking drunk; and singing astoundingly bad karaoke. Somehow, a case of beer and sake materialized from out of nowhere. Also no matter how much of the fish stew was eaten, the pot never ran out. And while Keiichi didn't own a karaoke machine, Skuld was only too happy to oblige bringing out her latest invention: The Super Magnificent Frank Sinatra Karaoke Master Machine No. 15. Inside of a half hour, Tamiya and Ootaki were taking turns wailing into the karaoke machine some fractured tune about what a man's gotta do, and mixing it with the Motor Club Anthem.

Sora Hasegawa was wasted after three beers and had pinned Keiichi in the corner on yet another of her continual rants that because of her lack of height and womanly features, she was continually being confused for a high school girl and that her boobs were too small. She kept threatening to show Kei her breasts to prove her point, until Belldandy came along and pulled him away from the hysterical Hasegawa.

Chihiro, Urd, and Megumi were sitting in another corner getting royally smashed and Meg kept telling the other two girls embarrassing stories about Keiichi, which gave Urd and Chihiro plenty of ammunition that could be used against him if he didn't do what they wanted. Skuld was able to use her growing goddess power to make three half gallon tubs of premium Rocky Road ice cream appear from nothing and was happily sitting at the dinner table wolfing down the creamy confection as fast as she could shovel it into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Keiichi and Belldandy took advantage of the chaos to slip away and spend some quality time together alone. There in his room, Kei and Bell sat on the floor with their arms round each other looking at the full moon through the window and reminiscing about past adventures and generally enjoying each other's company. She leaned up against him with her head on his shoulder, a contented look on her beautiful face. Keiichi knew that this could have been a perfect time to explore the possibility of moving their relationship forward somewhat, at least on a physical level, but he also remembered Belldandy's words about taking time for the relationship to grow and not rushing things. Still, he wondered what it would be like to make love to a goddess. That thought had conveyed itself to Belldandy who could still read his mind on a limited basis. One day, Keiichi, my love, she thought to herself, you will find out.

The next morning, Urd was busy in her lab preparing hangover medication for the gang. Because she used sake as an alternative energy source, and had a tolerance for the stuff that only a goddess could have, she was the least affected of everybody there. The Tea Room looked like a Skuld-bomb went off in a bar with bodies stacked on top of each other like cordwood. The odor of stale beer and sake hung like a thick fog through the temple. Skuld was sitting at the dinner table surrounded by half gallon ice cream containers, trying to ignore her aching tummy. Megumi and Chihiro were still sitting in the corner passed out leaning against each other. Somehow, Tamiya and Ootaki ended up outside in the courtyard with Banpei, Skuld's watchman robot continually whacking them with his staff trying to get them to wake up. Sora was further out in the courtyard near the Tanuki statue alternately complaining to it and flashing it. And being a statue, the Tanuki showed no reaction whatsoever. All in all, a typical night with the Motor Club.

Keiichi woke up a little bit woozy. The clock said 9:30 am, Saturday morning. He didn't remember drinking all that much. He spent most of the night in his room with Belldandy. He looked through the window at the sunlight streaming in and thought to himself, at least it's going to be a nice day. He stretched out his arms, gave a big yawn, and dropped them to his side. His left arm fell on something soft yet firm. Startled, he looked to see where his arm landed and almost lost it when he found his hand on a sleeping Belldandy's naked upper thigh. Bell had fallen asleep curled up next to him and her sundress, while already fairly short had ridden up affording Keiichi an eyeful of his girlfriends long and very shapely legs. He also noted that she had the good sense to put on a pair of underwear, although the brief and lacy scanties caused his heart to skip a beat.

YAAAAAAAGH!!!!!” his scream resonated all through the temple.

Urd sauntered into Keiichi's room to see what the trouble was. She said “Kei, can you keep it down, people are trying to slee...Whoo-hoo-hoo!! Hmm, Keiichi, is that you got up to last night?” Urd cooed with a lascivious tone in her voice. “We were wondering where you two went. Congratulations Keiichi Morisato, you are now a man!!! I am impressed!!!” And without any help from me either.”

Urd, cut it out. Nothing happened last night” Keiichi said At least I don't think anything happened last night. He thought, suddenly panicking.

Bell? Bell. Wake up. It's morning.”

No answer.



Wake up Belldandy, it's morning.”

Bell stirred next to Keiichi, opened her eyes, and took one look at Keiichi and his wayward hand and then looked at the clock.

Oh No!! I'm late. Everyone's waiting for me to fix breakfast. I'm so sorry, Keiichi. Please forgive me!!” Bell cried as she got her bearings together and saw that she wasn't in her room, but rather spent the night with Keiichi.

Don't worry, Belldandy” Keiichi said “Everything's all right. With the exception of you, me, Urd and, I think Sora, everyone else is still asleep. Take your time getting ready. Do you remember what we did last night?”

Belldandy sorted through her thoughts and then said “Well, I remember we were sitting here in your room. We had our arms around each other and we were looking out through the window at the full moon and talking about all the great times we've had over the years. I guess that I used up a lot of power last night with the cooking and the entertaining of our guests, that I ended up going into a dormant phase and went to sleep. But I did get to sleep in the arms of the one I love.” Belldandy closed with a contented giggle.

Keiichi blushed and asked “There's nothing else you remember?”

No...why do you ask?”

Urd, here thinks that we had gotten up to no good.”

Gotten up to no good?” Bell asked, clearly not knowing what that phrase meant.

She thinks we did something we shouldn't have done.”

Did we?”

No, Belldandy. We didn't do anything other than what you said. See, Urd, nothing else happened.”

Too bad.” Urd said “You had a chance to really move your relationship ahead, but you didn't take it. I don't know whether to pity you for blowing the chance or commend you for showing such restraint. Either way, I'm going to get the rest of the Sleeping Beauties up and about. Don't let Skuld see you two like that, she'll hit the roof and the last thing a bunch of hungover drunks want to hear this time of the morning is that mouth of hers at full blast. I suggest that Belldandy leaves first and Kei, you leave about 5 minutes later.

Hmm, That's the difference between you and me, Belldandy. If it were me and Keiichi in a room all alone, I would have been all over him.” Urd winked at Bell and shuffled off towards the Tea Room.

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