Monday, August 31, 2009

The Moonlight Scribbler's 100th Post

Break out the bubbly, and bring in the dancing girls, because the Scribbler has reached yet another milestone in its short and not very influential history. This is the 100th post. Yowza, Huzzah and Haroo!!! Now yes, I know that there are blogs that get a 100 posts a week, so in the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal, but this is my blog and dammi, if I want to celebrate my putting up 100 posts of dreck on this little outpost on the ass end of the blogosphere, who's to friggin' stop me!!

Remember, I don't care whether people read the damn thing, that ain't the point. It's all about adding my stuff to the growing pile of irrelevant content that is clogging up teh interwebs. And so in commemoration of this earth-shaking event, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the 10 best posts in the history of the Scribbler. Now It's safe to say that even with my chops, I should be able to find 10 posts that should qualify for such a dubious distinction. But these posts made it not only because of the quality of the writing, but also because of what the subject matter meant to me at the time it was written.

That said, here are the 10 greatest posts in the history of the Moonlight Scribbler.
And No, none of the Song of the Goddesses, nor the City League posts count because 1, I haven't posted all the chapters yet in SoTG and 2) Both are different writing projects altogether.

In no particular order, I'll leave the actual ranking to the multitudes who read this thing.

10. A Crisis of Faith or a Midcourse Correction

9. My Month--September

8. Oct 28, 1983

7. The Call, What's Memorial Day All About

6. Black Church, White Church

5. Holy Week

4. Thanksgiving

3. On Turning 45

2. The World's Worst Christian

1. Red Jesus, Blue Jesus

Honorable Mentions:

Sure, The Country's going to Hell,

Dead and Missing Pretty White Girls

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