Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Song of the Goddesses.

I just finished writing an Oh, My Goddess fan fiction piece called "The Song of the Goddesses" It is based on the characters from the long running Japanese manga "Oh, My Goddess," created by famed manga artist Kosuke Fujishima. It's basically my interpretation of how I think the series should end. After 250 chapters, some 39 volumes, a movie, an anime and an OVA, not to mention one novel, the franchise doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. But partially because of my love of the story and also because I needed to get by writing jones back, I decided to embark on this little project.
It's not a full fledged novel, it's more like a short story. 15 chapters in all and it clocks in at a tidy 56 pages. It took about 12 days off and on. Some sessions only a few minutes, others going about 3 or 4 hours. Being that this was my first attempt at fan fiction as well as writing any kind of fiction at all, I kept it pretty simple. No multiple plots or big twists. I kept the main story based on the two major characters, with supporting characters added in to add some body. Even though it was a piece that was supposed to show how I felt the series should end, I didn't resolve any storylines of the other characters in the manga. I stuck strictly to Keiichi and Belldandy.
I expect that those OMG fans that are purists will either not be bothered reading it at all, or they'll probably savage it, looking for mistakes. I make no bones about the fact that there are probably mistakes-a-plenty in this piece. I expect people to criticize it. But like this blog, I did it mostly for my own edification. If people like it and comment in the positive even in criticism, it's gravy.

The Song of the Goddesses can be found here.

It is a PDF file so you'll need Adobe Reader found here.

Or you can also use Foxit Reader which is my preferred choice found here.

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