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Chapter 12--The Song of the Goddesses

Chapter 12

Approx 3:30pm Monday Afternoon

It was another 3 hours before everybody was able to recover from the fallout from the spell. Keiichi was the first to awaken, and he went around to each goddess to check and see if they were all right. They awoke dazed and disoriented. Belldandy got up and looked at her man. “Keiichi, are you OK?, how do you feel?” She inquired, worried about the outcome of the spell. Keiichi reassured Belldandy “I feel all right, I had a bit of a headache but I did what Peorth told me and concentrated on the song and it helped me to get through.” ,downplaying the splitting headache he experienced in order not to worry Bell. Belldandy gave a sigh of relief. “I'm glad you're fine, at least your body's intact. I hope the spell worked because that was the only chance we had.

Lind got up and faced Belldandy looking ashamed. She said remorsefully, “ I'm sorry, Belldandy. I tried to keep up. I was doing fine and then the calculations just got too far ahead of me. I know that you and the others were trying to cover for me, but I'm afraid that I may be the cause of the spell failing.” She lowered her head in shame. Belldandy lifted Lind's head and drew the warrior goddess in for a hug. “Lind, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You tried your best. You met the challenge head on, and maybe you didn't succeed, but it's better to try your best in failure than to not try at all.” That made the Valkyrie feel a little better.

The rest of the goddesses awakened. Urd asked “Well, did it work?” Belldandy replied, “I'm afraid not. The spell got away from us.” Urd couldn't resist a dig at Lind. “Well, if Lind hadn't been over matched from the beginning, it would have worked. She has no magical skills at all. If there was ever a time that I regretted not accepting a Goddess First Class commission, it's right now.” Eyes blazing, Lind drew her halberd. “Maybe I can't do magic as well as you, Urd. But I can take you down in a fight!!,” “You do NOT want to fight me Lind!!” Urd raised her hands to summon the lightning, but was restrained by Belldandy. “Urd!!” She said angrily. “Don't criticize Lind, she did the best she could. This was a group effort, we were to support and help each other out, the spell was just too powerful and complex for us.” Urd and Lind stood down, but continued to glare at each other.

Skuld started to cry. “Now my big sister won't be able to attend the hearing and she'll lose her license, and she won't be able to live down on Earth anymore and she...” Bell knelt down and comforted Skuld “ We don't know that yet. There may still be a chance we can make the hearing. Peorth chipped in. “Well I don't know any alternative. We can't do the spell again.” The gate won't open for a human.”

Then Keiichi stood up and pointed to the gate which still hovered overhead and started to speak. It was the language he heard the goddesses use during the spell. “Ieyaches, Kobunotana, Parakecis, Lokinoshana. Arakunalete Boricheses.” The goddesses looked at each other in utter disbelief. They all asked the same question “ Did he just request access to the gate??” In response to their question, the gate shimmered, it's opening rippling just like it did before Lind and Peorth arrived. The rippling gave way to the rays of energy collapsing in on themselves and then the gate portal opened. Urd remarked slack-jawed “I don't how he did it, but Keiichi just opened the gate.” A beam of light streamed down from the portal, and five utterly confused goddesses and one seemingly transformed human stepped into it and were drawn through the gate.

The portal between Earth and heaven was a long wide tube of constantly shifting lights and colors. Written on the walls of the tube were words written in the language of Heaven. Rocketing through the tube, the goddesses were still wondering how Keiichi managed to open the gate.
Peorth was totally at a loss for words. “I just don't get it, how did Keiichi summon the gate, IN OUR LANGUAGE, none the less. Impossibl√©”
Urd thought to herself “I didn't think Keiichi-boy had it in him, this could be very interesting.”
Keiichi broke in and asked “What are these words lining the tube?” Belldandy answered “Those are the spells that form the tube. When you get to heaven, you'll see them on every building.” “Oh” Keiichi said and then he spoke some of those words as if he knew the language all his life. “A-tanosun, Pe-akansa, Ea-Ta-anisi, Ou-Al-LaCetee.” “Now he's speaking the tube's spells. Strange” thought Belldandy “What happened to Keiichi??” she wondered.

Though it appeared that the group weren't moving very fast, they were actually traveling many times the speed of light. Heaven was located outside the universe in a multi-dimensional plane all its own. The gate portal was the only way to access the domain of the Gods and Goddesses from Earth.
After flying for what seemed like ten minutes or so, the group reached the end of the portal. Ahead of them, the tube opened out into a wide open space that looked like part reception area, part border crossing. This was one of the anti-demonic measures erected to prevent demons and their familiars from attempting to enter Heaven. There was what looked to be a guard house with two stern-looking Valkyries dressed like Lind armed with halberds blocking the entrance. Lind led the group to the guard house. The taller of the two Valkyries approached Lind and requested ID's for all present. “Please have your party present your ID's.” Lind raised her right hand and her goddess symbol appeared.

The intricately designed marks served as identification. Unique to each goddess, the symbols represented not only the goddess's name, but also her class, license, restrictions, access privileges, job description and location of employment as well as her powers, predilections, and alliances. Each of the other goddesses followed suit.

When the Valkyries approached Keiichi, Lind stepped in to tell them that he was expected. “He is with us, he is attending Belldandy's hearing in council chambers. The shorter Valkyrie checked the list that appeared in her hand. It confirmed that Keiichi Morisato was granted access to the council complex.
“Hmm, she said. “We've never had a human up here before.” Keiichi spoke to the warrior goddesses in their language. “I'm here to help Belldandy out in what ever way I can, I'm excited to see what Heaven is like.”
The Valkyries looked at each other in confusion. “He understands our language?” Urd said “Yeah, he does, it's a long story. Can we get going now?”
“Of course, everyone checks out.”

The group was immediately teleported to the middle of the main thoroughfare of Heaven. Even though Keiichi had been prepared for this moment, the scene took his breath away. The city was immaculate. Clean beyond any human measure. No pollution or smog. The colors literally leaped out at him. It felt like his senses had been enhanced by a hundredfold. He could see and hear things that normal humans couldn't comphrehend. He looked up into the sky. It was a constantly changing whirl of colors. One moment it was as blue as the sky on earth, the next it was green, the next it was red. Then it turned colors that were not found on earth. Either as primary colors or mixtures.

He looked at some of the buildings. They were of all shapes and sizes, some reaching impossibly high into the sky, some only one story tall, all of them had the words representing the spells that maintained them written all over them. Keiichi could see the same kinds of words written in the sky. He even read some of them. “Hitachine, Malakutonos, Peletenekeechee, Arakunoteche.” And while it all would have looked highly distracting, garish, and tasteless in human eyes. In Heaven. It looked perfectly natural.

It was unobtrusive, and only presented itself if the watcher wanted to see it. It all worked. It was beautiful. And the people were the most interesting. They were all gorgeous beyond human standards. Even the Gods were extremely attractive. He turned to Belldandy to marvel at what he saw. And just like Urd had said, she was even more beautiful in Heaven than she was on Earth. Her long flowing hair was platinum blond. The clasp on her left ear that sealed her powers on Earth was missing. Her face glowed even more than usual. Her smile was even more innocent and even though she was a couple feet away, he could feel her love for him and for heaven even stronger than before. Everything about her appearance was ten times that of what she looked like on Earth. She looked at Keiichi and smiled at him. He nearly collapsed at the sheer beauty of that smile.

Belldandy said to him “Well, this is my home, what do you think?” Keiichi was about to answer but then realized that Bell's mouth hadn't moved at all, he was hearing her words in his mind. He tried to answer using his human voice but Bell put a finger to his lips. “No need to use your mouth to talk here. Just think of the words you want to say in your mind, look at the person you want to talk to and they'll hear them.”
Keiichi said (through his mind) “ You left all this to come and live with me?? Why??”
She said “Simple, silly. I love you. And did you notice, that you're not speaking Japanese or English. You're using the language of Heaven itself.” That didn't seem to surprise Keiichi since he had so quickly learned the language, it was as natural to him as the languages he learned on Earth.

Urd came alongside Keiichi and said “I told you she looked even hotter in Heaven, how about getting a load of me, if you can handle it??” He turned to look at Urd and it took a supreme effort on his part not to grab her and ravish her in the street. While Belldandy simply looked even more beautiful and wholesome, Urd had turned into lust personified. She had become even more fetching just as expected, but her raw sexuality washed over Keiichi like a tidal wave. His hormones were raging. “Must...hold...back!!!” Just the sight of Urd in her heavenly body played havoc with his libido. He could not look at her for more than a few seconds before he would submit and cause himself an embarrassment.

Apparently Heaven had the ability to take the qualities of each God and Goddess and amplify them a hundredfold. Keiichi made it a point not to look at Urd any more than he had to.

Keiichi and the goddesses walked along the street towards the council chambers. Belldandy said “ Normally we'd just teleport to the chambers, but we're walking so you can see what Heaven looks like.”
Keiichi said with a slight impatience, “We can sight-see whenever we're done. Let's just get this over with. It's really awesome to be up here in Heaven, but we do have business to attend to. Can we teleport to the chambers?”
Belldandy passed his request to Lind, who responded, “That's a good idea.” She produced a small crystal cube from her right hand, and spoke some words into it. A shimmering light came from the sphere and enveloped the group. Keiichi felt a familiar lightness from the pit of his stomach again, and in a flash, they disappeared. Seconds later, they were at the Council chambers in front of a very tall translucent door. There were two more Valkyries with crossed halberds blocking the way. Lind approached and informed them of their presence.

The Valkyries stood down and let them pass. “The Council is waiting to see you. You may enter.”
The door opened and they went in. The chamber was a very spacious rectangular room much longer than wide. It looked the size of a football field. The ceiling was higher than any building Keiichi had ever been. He looked up and literally could not see it. Along the length of the chamber on both sides was a seating area that resembled the bleacher sections of a sports stadium. And the entire seating area was full of goddesses. Thousands upon thousands of goddesses of all classes, categories and licenses. In all manners of colorful attire, some in colors Keiichi didn't even know existed. Some were dressed in long robes similar to what Belldandy and Urd were wearing. Others were dressed in revealing sexy outfits akin to Peorth. And they were all extraordinarily beautiful. Keiichi could barely keep his eyes in his head seeing so many exquisite looking deities. There was a palpable feeling of immense power that issued forth from the seats because of the presence of so many goddesses in one place. And they all had their eyes on him. So because they were all looking at him, he could hear every thought in their minds.

It wasn't a hopeless jumble of chatter that turned into so much noise, but Keiichi could each conversation clearly and intelligibly. Some of what he heard was the usual goddess chat, whatever it was that goddesses gossiped about, but a most of it was talk about him. And it wasn't positive. “That's the human that Belldandy defied the Almighty over?” “He's so plain!”; “What a homely excuse for a human, Belldandy must have been nuts to fall for him”; “I'm glad I don't have a Second Category license. ;If I had to go to Earth to contract with a guy that ugly, I'd resign.” ; “He's a loser.” ; “Belldandy needs to come to her senses and get rid of him. A goddess like her deserves much better than that!”
Keiichi didn't hear one comment that went his way. He thought to himself “Well, at least goddesses could be as catty and bitchy as Earth girls. He looked at Belldandy and said “They don't seem to like me.” referring to the goddesses that were casting aspersions on him.
Belldandy said “They obviously don't think you can hear them. If they knew you could, that would quiet them down.”

That gave a Keiichi an idea. He looked all around the room at every goddess and said, “Ladies, despite what you think, I can hear every word you're saying. And not only can I hear them, I can also understand them. Let's get this straight. Belldandy is my goddess and my love. I would do anything for her including giving up my life. I risked destruction to come here and testify on her behalf. None of you can do anything to take me away from her. And there is nothing that the council, nor even the Almighty can do that will diminish the love I have for her, so you can gossip all you want, but remember, I can hear you. If you have a problem with me, take it up with Belldandy. I'm sure that she would be more than interested in hearing what you have to say. Thank You.”

Silence. Dead. Cold. Silence.

Peorth turned to Keiichi and said “Wow Keiichi, I didn't know you had it in you. You just shut up every goddess in Heaven right then. Some of them pretty high ranking. You've got balls, Monsieur. You just earned a ton of respect, not only from me, but everyone in here. That can only help you.”
Emboldened by Peorth's comment Keiichi replied “I may be a wimp when it comes to everything else, but if it's Belldandy we're talking about, I stand down to no one.”

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