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Chapter 6--The Song of the Goddesses

Chapter 6

11am Saturday Morning.

Despite Belldandy's late start on preparing breakfast, nobody complained. Most likely because they weren't really sober enough to put two sentences together. Chihiro finally came to, stumbled into the bathroom to wash her face. She then went out into the courtyard and rounded up Tamiya and Ootaki, who were cowering against the wall with Banpei angrily waving his staff at them. She then went over to the Tanuki and convinced Sora that the badger statue totally agreed with her viewpoint and would she please put her top back on. After she got her bedraggled bunch of drunks in one place, she then went back into the kitchen and spoke with Keiichi and the goddesses.

Keiichi, thanks for letting us have our meeting here. We had a great time, and once again, Belldandy was the perfect hostess.”

Belldandy apologized about the lateness of the breakfast for the third time in ten minutes and then added “I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We must do it again sometime.”

Chihiro responded “I'm sure we will. Hey, I noticed that you and Keiichi weren't hanging out with the rest of us.” With a sly grin, she said “Were you two off k-i-s-s-i-n-g??”

Urd, always game to put Keiichi in hot water, piped up “Oh yeah! They were going at it hot and heavy!!! I'm surprised that Kei is still standing after the night they had.”

Keiichi stammered “H-hey, you're embarrassing Belldandy!! We did spend the night together, but absolutely nothing happened, right, Bell?”

Belldandy thought about playing along with Urd and Chihiro, but decided against it. “No, nothing happened at all. Although I did fall asleep in his arms.”

Chihiro mused “Well, that's a start. We'd take you up on the breakfast offer, but I'm dragging these losers back to the campus and putting them to bed. They don't have classes today. Also we've been in your hair long enough. See ya on Monday, Morisato. ”

Chihiro collected her Motor Club charges and drove them back to campus.

Annoyed, Keiichi grumbled “ At least they could have offered to help clean up this place. It's a mess.”

Looking around, he wasn't wrong. There were ice cream containers, sake and beer bottles all over the Tea Room. Futons were scattered all over the floor. Skuld's karaoke machine was laying on its side, the song, “I Did it My Way” playing continually. The floors were sticky with spilled sake. And the place smelled like a bar.

Belldandy said “Keiichi, let me handle this.” She stood up, waved her arms in a precise flowing gesture and intoned “Spirits of the wind, hear my call and come to my aid. Restore this room to its former beauty!!”

A rushing wind blew through the open window, and picked up all the trash on the floor.

A stray gust stacked all the futons in a neat pile, another swept all the bottles into the trash and righted the karaoke machine.. A third carried away the stench of the sake and beer and left a fresh smell of spring flowers and new mown grass in his place. Thirty seconds later, it was impossible to tell that a full-blown booze-up had occurred just hours before.

Belldandy dropped her arms and said “Now that's much better!”

It was at that time Megumi finally woke up. She roused herself out of the corner she had sat in all night, shook the cobwebs out of her head, wandered over to the table where Kei, Bell, and Urd were eating breakfast, and said groggily “ Morning. I'm not feeling too hot, so I'll pass on breakfast. I'm heading straight home. Thanks for letting me hang out.” She staggered out the door towards the garage where she kept her bike. Belldandy wondered aloud “I hope she'll be all right.”

Keiichi said “She'll be OK, I've seen her in worse shape than that. At least she slept a good bit of it off. She doesn't need a DUI on her record. I'm surprised she passed on breakfast. She never met a meal she didn't like, especially one of Belldandy's.”

Urd got up and headed out of the Tea Room “I better go and find out what our little Skuld has gotten herself into. She was eating ice cream like there was no tomorrow. I might have to make up some medication to treat an upset tummy. Ciao, guys.”

Belldandy and Keiichi sat in the Tea Room eating their breakfast. Bell had prepared a Western style spread consisting of omelets, pancakes, toast with butter, tea, and jam, and fresh fruit. Any ill effects Kei suffered from the beer and sake immediately went away once he started digging into the food. “Ok, Bell. Last night, you said that we some things to talk about. What's the matter?”

Bell took a sip of her tea and said “ While I was in the bath, I was thinking about some things. I was wondering if you think that my holding back on our becoming more intimate is hurting our relationship. Do you think that I'm being selfish in denying you something that you clearly desire? I never want to do anything that would take away from your happiness. I really want to become closer to you. But I don't feel ready to make such a sudden change just yet. I'm a Goddess First Class, and I'm supposed to do all I can to fulfill the contract between us, and as long as any part of that contract remains unfulfilled, I have failed in my mission.”

Keiichi looked Belldandy straight in the eyes and said with all the seriousness he could muster. “Belldandy. Forget the contract! If it didn't mean that you'd have to go back to heaven, I'd release you from this damn contract. The contract is no longer the primary reason you're still here. You told me that and now I'm reminding you.

I would never force you to do something you're not ready to do. I admit that I have thoughts about becoming more intimate with you. Some of those thoughts get pretty intense. But never would I act on those thoughts until you were ready. You are NOT being selfish by holding back. I can only be happy when you're happy. And making you do something that you clearly are not prepared to do would not make you happy and it would not make me happy. What did you tell me yesterday? A mighty oak has to grow from an acorn. There will come a day when the time will be right. I can wait until then because when it finally happens, it will be well worth the wait for both of us.”

A tear came to Belldandy's eyes. “Keiichi, I don't deserve you.” Keiichi came back “And I don't deserve you, I guess that makes us even, right??” Belldandy's laugh sounded like a pure note of a fine silver bell.

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