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The City League Week 10 Preview

      The final week of the regular season in the Pittsburgh City League is now upon us, and for right now, at least we know that there are three definite reservations to be mailed out, and one could be still up in the air.
      Your City League Advocate sussed out all the playoff scenarios prior to the Brashear-Peabody game on last Saturday assuming that the Bulls would take care of business. Well, the Highlanders decided that if they were to close their doors, they would go out with a very loud bang dealing a large upset to the Bulls to the tune of 34-24. So at least a couple hours work went out the window and you could hear the Advocate cussing a blue streak from two miles away. Lucky there were no kids nor little old ladies in the area, although there were a few very traumatized kittens and one puppy that will need serious therapy.

The Standings.

Perry 7-0
Schenley 5-2
Allderdice 5-2
Brashear 4-3
Langley 3-4
Oliver 3-4

This is what is known now.

      Perry, by virtue of their 40-6 win over Westinghouse, has clinched the regular season title and the top seed in the playoffs. They will face Schenley on Saturday afternoon.

      The Spartans can have second place to themselves with a win over Perry and an Allderdice loss to Carrick. If Schenley loses, and Allderdice wins, (the most likely scenario) then Allderdice takes over second. If both teams lose then they will stay tied at 5-3 and Schenley will take over second seed by virtue over their head to head win over the 'Dice.

      Brashear's loss to Peabody sets up an interesting situation. If The Bulls beat Langley, they are in at 5-3 and could either go into the playoffs in a three way tie at 5-3 if both Schenley and Allderdice lose or at least in a tie with either Schenley or Allderdice if one of those teams wins and the other loses.
      In the case of a three way tie, in the City League, it's all about the head to head. No Gardner Points, No tiebreaker points, just head to head. All three teams in a three way tie are then compared head to head with each other. In this case, Brashear has head to head over Schenley, but not Allderdice. Allderdice has head to head over Brashear, but not Schenley, and last Schenley has head to head over Allderdice but lost to Brashear. In short everyone is 1-1 against everyone else in the logjam. The next tiebreaker is the head to head record against the first place team, Perry. If Schenley pulls off the win against Perry, they'd win that tiebreaker because everyone else has lost to the Commodores. Which would leave just 'Dice and Brashear which would go in favor of Allderdice because of their win over Brashear. Go all that?? Don't make the Advocate repeat that again.
      If somehow Langley were able to beat Brashear, and Oliver who has finally decided to wake up and stick their nose in the door beats Westinghouse, which they should. In short, you'd have a three way tie for fourth place with Oliver, Langley, and Brashear all at 4-4. All three teams are 1-1 against the other teams in the logjam. All three teams lost to Perry. The next tiebreaker would be the head to head against the second place team which could be Schenley or Allderdice. If it's Schenley, then Oliver gets dumped because they lost to Schenley, and Brashear and Langley beat the Spartans. And if Langley beats Brashear in their head to head, they'd get the fourth place spot.
If the second place team is Allderdice, then the next tiebreaker kicks in against the third place team which would be Schenley because Allderdice beat Brashear, Langley, and Oliver. Now, does any of that make sense?? Good!!!

Thursday November 4th 6pm
Brashear vs Langley.
      If Brashear had beaten Peabody as they should have all the kerfuffle that the Advocate just mentioned would have been for naught. But they didn't and the Bulls have to win to insure a tie for at least fourth place. Langley has to win and hope that all the crap the Advocate mentioned above comes through. Too many variables have to go Langley's way for them to make the playoffs, but Brashear has shown that they are very beatable. The Advocate thinks that Brashear has more in the tank than the Mustangs at this point, but he looks for the Mustangs to give a strong effort. Brashear by 6

Friday November 5th 3:30pm
Westinghouse vs Oliver
      DaBears should win this game as Westinghouse has been terrible all season. Under the scenarios mentioned in this piece, they are pretty much screwed any way you slice it in terms of the playoffs, but as a consolation, they can still edge out Langley to represent the Class AA teams of the City League in the PIAA playoffs if they win and Langley loses. Oliver by 10.

Friday November 6th 7:30pm
Allderdice vs Carrick
      It should be easy, right? Just beat Carrick and second place is all yours. But this is the 'Dice we're talking about, and as Tina Turner sang in her timeless rendition of “Proud Mary”, 'We can do things easy / or we can do things “ROUGH”!' (Oh that gives the Advocate a warm and pleasant feeling down in his nether regions!!) Never count on the Dragons to do things easy. That said, look or them to pull out the win and go into the playoffs on a nice bit of momentum. Allderdice by 10.

Saturday November 7th 12:00pm
Perry vs Schenley
      Perry has nothing to lose, they have first place sewn up no matter whether they win or lose. You might think that they'd maybe rest some of their starters for the playoffs. They wouldn't do that against a bottom feeder, they sure as hell won't do it against a second place team. Perry by 20.

      And the Advocate must remind everyone that Peabody played their last football game ever against the Bulls and went out with a victory. A proud athletic institution of the City League will be hanging up the pads for the last time.
The Highlanders brought seven City League football Championships to 515 N. Highland Ave.
1933, 1953, 1971, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1994.

      Some of the famous alumni to come out of Peabody were: Pro Football players, Kevan Barlow, and Mike Barnes; baseball player, John Tudor; pro basketball player, Mel Bennett; actors Charles Grodin and Frank Gorshin; dancer and choreographer, Gene Kelly; writer John Edgar Wideman; Edith S. Sampson, lawyer, judge, and first black delegate to the United Nations.

Hail to the Maroon and Grey. Hail to the Highlanders!

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