Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Debut of the Tea Room.

     In an effort to insure that "Song of the Goddesses, The Test of a God, and The Eye of Heaven" are available for posterity and for public comment and criticism,  I've decided to post all three pieces, chapter by chapter in a new blog called The Tea Room.   It is located at   I intend to post each chapter every day or two until the 40+ chapters and 175 pages of both pieces are up.  I want to make sure that in case of something untowards happens, the pieces survive.  I put a lot of time and effort and burned up more than a few brain cells in writing this stuff and I have subjected it to public scrutiny on to mostly positive reviews.   And I just want to make sure that it's always available to anyone who wants to check it out.  Please leave comments and constructive criticism. 
     I figure that all this fan-fiction writing will provide with the training I need to eventually set out on a full-fledged writing project that includes characters and a world of my own creation.  Because the characters in the three pieces are fully baked in the Oh My Goddess franchise, I can concentrate on learning how to tell a story.   Once I get that part down, then I can work on developing my own characters and world.   I haven't quite figured out what I want to do yet.  It's safe to say that it will be a futuristic sci-fi piece, probably of the utopian/cyberpunk genre. I like sci-fi in general and futuristic works in particular.  Of course this will require a lot more work in terms of research and note taking.  And I don't know when I will start on this thing.  Probably after the completion of "The Eye of Heaven"  which is a very long way from being done.   But the Tea Room is a good way of allowing me to put together two activities that I love: Oh My Goddess, and writing. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

The 2010 RMU Men's Basketball Preview Video.

h/t to Nazari Dorosh  for producing this video previewing Robert Morris's 2010 Men's basketball campaign.  Nicely done and it gets me jacked up for the upcoming season.

The City League Week 9 Preview

     This is the penultimate weekend in the 2010 City League regular season, and for those who flunked English, penultimate means next-to-last. It's one of those sixty-five cent words, you can throw around in a bar in the hopes that you can wow your buddies and impress that hot chick at the end of the bar drinking the Cosmo and licking her lips suggestively. Although while you think she's sending you a message that she's ready to go off to a quiet place for some heavy breathing, she's actually signaling that you have a glob of nacho cheese on your upper lip and you need to get rid of it post haste.
      But on to this week's City League action. The playoffs are approaching and the jockeying for playoff positions is underway. Two teams could be playing for their playoff lives this week. While one team could clinch the regular season title on Thursday night. And if you need the Advocate to tell you who that is...well then, there really isn't that much hope for you then, is there?

The Standings

Perry 6-0 -
Schenley 5-2 1.5gb
Brashear 4-2 2gb
Allderdice 4-2 2gb
Langley 3-3 3gb
Carrick 2-4
Oliver 2-4
Peabody 2-5
Westinghouse 0-6

      As expected, the Perry Commodores ran over Brashear 34-13 to remain in first place at 6-0. The Commodores can lock up the regular season title and the top seed in the playoffs with a win over the 0-6 Westinghouse Bulldogs on Thursday night.
      Schenley beat Westinghouse 22-6 and remains all alone in second place at 5-2 and they have a bye week. Currently, the Spartans have a head-to-head win over Allderdice, but have lost to Langley and Brashear and will play Perry in their last game on November 6th.
      Brashear and Allderdice are tied in third place at 4-2 with Allderdice holding the head to head advantage over DaBulls. The 'Dice suffered their third straight loss with a 49-13 smackdown at the hands of Linsly School (WV) Brashear has a head to head advantage over Schenley, but losses to Perry and Allderdice and will play Langley in their last regular season game on November 4th.
       Langley lost their second game in a row to a non playoff bound opponent. This time is was Oliver who did the honors dealing the Mustangs a 12-8 defeat. Langley holds a head to head over Schenley and like everyone else, has lost to Perry, but they have two playoff contenders in a row in Allderdice and Brashear to finish out the season.

Here is the current playoff scenario for this weeks games.

Perry can clinch the regular season title with a win against Westinghouse.

If Brashear beats Peabody, as they should, they will go into a second place tie with Schenley at 5-2.

If Allderdice beats Langley, they will also tie Schenley at 5-2. Couple that with a Brashear win, and there would be a three way tie for second place. 

If Allderdice loses to Langley, they will fall into a tie with the Mustangs at 4-3, and will need to beat Carrick in their last game to insure a spot in the playoffs. 

Langley has to win against Allderdice and Brashear to make the playoffs.

Bear in mind, all of this will change in some way or another next week. 

Thursday October 28 6pm.
Perry vs Westinghouse.
      The only way that the Commodores can lose this game is if their bus gets lost from the North Side. And even in the unlikely event that the football gods do smile on the Bulldogs and hand them one of the greatest upsets in City League history, it won't affect the One Stars standing. Look for the Perry starters to see a half at the most. Perry by 28.

Friday October 29th 3:30pm
Carrick vs Oliver.
      Both teams are just playing out the string, and maybe trying to get some of their younger players some action. There will be more people on the sidelines than in either bleacher section. Oliver by 10.

Friday October 29th 7:30pm
Allderdice vs Langley.
      Here are two teams who, like a Roman candle,  started hot and have faded fast. At one time, The Dragons were on a four game winning streak and considered one of the darlings of the league. Since then they've lost three in a row including two shutouts against City teams and 40+ points hung on them in two of the three losses. Langley started out with some impressive wins, but three losses in the last four games have brought them back to earth with a resounding thud. 
     Allderdice could survive a loss in this game, because their last game is against a very beatable Carrick squad, while The Wild Horses have to finish out against Brashear, but why leave it to chance? Better for the 'Dice to get the win this week and approach their final game with a lot less pressure on their heads. Allderdice by 6

Saturday October 30th 12pm.
Brashear vs Peabody.
      DaBulls have all but secured a spot in the playoffs and a win over the Highlanders will seal that deal. Look for the Herd to get that win. Brashear by 14.