Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Eye of Heaven is complete.

The Eye of Heaven: Started August 18, 2010. Completed: May 3, 2012. 

It's all over but the tweaking. I was tearing up as I wrote the final few pages. Yeah, it's a fan fiction piece. Yeah, I'm taking pre-baked characters from a manga with pre-baked histories and plugging them into a story of my own creation. Maybe it's not held in the highest regard as a story with my own characters. But believe me, I put a lot of work and thought into every one of the 66,828 words of this piece. And I am damn proud of this work. I started the Tea Room series back in July of 2009 to learn how to tell a story without having to worry about creating characters and histories. Almost three years later, I think I'm ready to take that next step. I haven't quite figured out what this original work will be about. Now that I'm finished with this trilogy, I can put some real thought into what I want to do.  It's been a helluva ride.  But now it's time for me to actually create something of my own.  A leap of faith without a net, as it were.

I haven't posted the final chapters yet because there is still some polishing and tweaking to do.  But all but the last few chapters are available for reading and review at:

Once I'm finished tweaking these final few chapters, I will post them to the address shown above.  

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