Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 City League Preview Week 7

     Well, campers. We have reached the penultimate week of the regular season in the City League...
     (Wait, Mr. Advocate. Pen-all-tea-mint? What does that word mean?)
     If you keep your shorts on for a minute, Junior, I'll tell you. Now before I was interrupted, We have reached the penultimate week of the regular season, and the playoff situation is starting to become more solid.
     Now, Bunkie, turn off that Justin Bieber crap you have plugged into your ears, and listen up. I'm only going to say this once. And after I'm done, go and find yourself some real music. That auto-tuned canned crap will rot your brain.
     Penultimate is one of those words that educated people like Your City League Advocate use to describe the next to last of something. In the sentence that I just stated, the penultimate week of the season is the next to last week of the season. Got that?
    Now that you're armed with at least one new word this week, you can go down to your local watering hole and impress the locals with the limitless expanse of your vocabulary, win a bunch of bar bets against the other losers you hang around with, and maybe impress that dishwater blond drinking Southern Comfort at the end of the bar with the hoop earrings big enough for a poodle to jump through, the Nicki Minaj baby tee and tramp stamp enough that she may actually give you the time of day.
     Never let it be said that Your City League Advocate is not a charitable sort. He has provided you with a nugget of wisdom that you didn't have before, and now your life as been enriched by a factor of at least ten-thousand because of the Advocate's act of generosity. You're welcome. Now go away.
    (Yes, Mr. Advocate. Thank you for your act of kindness, you are so good to us poor imbeciles, who sit at your feet catching the precious drops of knowledge that dribble forth from your mouth.)
    Whatever. Now back to what I was saying. The four teams going into the playoffs are all but set, the only thing to determine will be who's playing who in two weeks.

The Standings
University Prep 3-0
Perry 3-0
Brashear 2-1
Allderdice 1-2
Carrick 0-3
Westinghouse 0-3

     The Allderdice Dragons jumped out to a 15-0 lead against University Prep off a 51 yd blocked punt return by Marquis Martin and an 11yd run by Patrick Ferguson. Sadly, that was all the points the 'Dice could score as the Panthers/Wildcats responded by running off 35 unanswered points to crush the Dragons 35-15. U-Prep QB Akil Young passed for 266 yards and blistered the Allderdice secondary with three touchdown passes. Ryan Daniels scored off two running plays to lift the 'Cats to an undefeated 3-0 and first place in the City.
     The Dragons face Carrick on Friday night. If they can beat the Raiders, they lock up at least the fourth place seed, and may have a shot at third place if Perry beats Brashear tonight to set up the 'Dice's last game in the regular season against the Bulls in the matinee on Friday the 19th.
     Brashear kept its hold on third place by crushing their South Hills neighbors, Carrick 35-6. All DaBulls points came on the ground as Diondre Farris scored twice and Deshawn Roberts three times.
     The other team at the top of the table, Perry, beat Westinghouse 43-2 to keep pace with U-Prep at 3-0. Assuming that both Perry and U-Prep win this weeks games against Brashear and Westinghouse, respectively, The One Stars and the 'Cats will tie up on the 19th under the lights. for sole possession of first place and the regular season title.

Thursday October 11 7:00pm
Perry vs. Brashear
     If there's one thing for certain, when Perry and Brashear hook up, there will be fireworks. The Commodores and the Bulls have faced each other multiple times with hardware on the line. And they do not like each other. Despite losing a lot of players from last seasons undefeated team, and picking up transfers from Langley when it closed, Brashear has had a decent season. They went 0-3 against non D8 competition, but they managed to win the two easy games on their City schedule against Carrick and the House. They can't get first place due to their loss to U-Prep which kills their head -to-head. But a win against Perry can give this young squad plenty of motivation to go into their final tussle against the Dragons. But the Advocate thinks that Perry is the stronger team in this matchup. Perry

Friday October 12 3:30pm
U-Prep vs Westinghouse
     The biggest challenge that U-Prep will have in this game is keeping themselves motivated enough to play a disciplined, penalty-free game against the Bulldogs. The bench should see plenty of action in this one. The starters will get enough work to tune up for the big test next week, but not so much as to risk a serious injury. U-Prep

Allderdice vs Carrick
     It's too bad that the City League does not practice flex-time scheduling. If the Advocate ran the league, he'd put this game on Thursday night and have Perry and Brashear play on Friday night. Friday night should be reserved for the best matchup of the week, not a yawner like this one. It's not like City League teams aren't used to having different amounts of time to prepare from week to week. The League's been doing this for better than 20 years. Allderdice should be able to win this game with no problem. They'll face the same issues that U-Prep will have against the 'House. Namely, giving their starters enough reps to keep them fresh, while getting the bench players quality time. Allderdice

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