Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve 2012

This was the last Post I posted to my Facebook account, hence the FB references, but the same sentiments remain for those throbbing masses that read this blog. So substitute 'Moonlight Scribbler' for 'Facebook.'

"This will probably be my last post for 2012 on teh Facebook.  It's been a fairly ho-hum year.  Some good, some bad, and a lot of the other.  But at least I fulfilled one of my goals and that was to stand at the end of the year with most of my senses more or less intact, and my mind still somewhat functional.  Anything more was and is gravy.  I keep my expectations low these days.  Therefore, what I wish for next year is pretty much the same as last year. To be able to still be here in another 365 days, hale, somewhat hearty, and able to look back on the past year having learned something that I can use for the next year.  To all my friends on teh Facebook, thanks for the laughs, counsel, the high weirdness, and letting me experience some of your lives thru this medium. I pray God's blessings on all of yinz.  Hug your spouses, kids, and critters and hope and pray (if you're inclined to that sort of thing) that sanity, and peace will be the rule instead of the exception in our society. Be careful out there tonite, NYE is amateur night.  And I offer my traditional New Year's Wish for all of my Facebook family.  Health, happiness, healing where needed, and may your 2013 be a damn sight better than 2014.  See yinz on the other side.  Pierre."

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