Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fan Boycotts?...Feh!!!

     I love reading the stories in the local fishwrap about the NHL lockout and and the fan's comments about calling for boycotts and showing the players and owners their 'power' by not going to games in protest of how the lockout has affected local businesses and so on.
     And I feel for those businesses, and the Penguins should do something for them as a token of appreciation for what their games do for local businesses, but fan boycotts?  I laugh my butt off about that.
     All the fans want is their hockey.  Give them NHL hockey and they'll be back in a heartbeat, all will be forgiven, and talk of fan boycotts and shows of support will be just  That's what the players and owners are counting on, and most likely they will be proved right.
     Show me one fan boycott that worked, or that ever got off the ground.  The NHL killed their season in '04-05, and the fans came back.  In '94-'95, the NHL cancelled almost half the games due to a lockout, the fans came back. The '92 strike cancelled 30 games, the fans came back. And if and when this current lockout ends, guess what, the fans will come back.  Recurring theme here, boys and girls.  It's like an abusive relationship.  Pro sports league go on strike or have lockouts, and the fans, who always get it in the end, always come back.