Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The State of the Scribbler, Belatedly.

     April 6th came and went with barely a whimper of acknowledgement by the keeper of this blog, which is to say, me.  The teeming masses who read and follow this thing religiously know the significance of April 6th.  It is, of course the day that the Moonlight Scribbler emerged fitfully from the mind of its author back in 2006.  As I said back then, I say today, I never really cared whether people read whatever I posted to this blog.  It was meant to be a place where I could put whatever got lodged in my head, and wouldn't leave until I dealt with it. Usually, I mark April 6th as the official end to the annual winter hibernation that the Scribbler takes, until it bursts forth from its slumber ready and raring to take on the world, but more often like a grumpy old brown bear that shuffles out of its smelly ass cave, pissed off, needing to take a dump, and ready to kill whatever unfortunate creature that crosses in front of it.
      There are a few people who claim to read the Scribbler, although considering how often I post to the blog, I'm not surprised if they've moved on to fresher and more relevant fare. To those who still hang on for the drops of literary crumbs that fall from my mind onto this medium, I say 'thank you', and in the same breath, I incredulously ask, 'Why??'   I sometime ask myself the same question.  Last year was the the third lowest in terms of post count in the seven year history of the Scribbler. Only 19 posts were made in 2012..
     Now there are bloggers who put out 19 posts a day.  But my 19 posts are at least 600-700 words each. But it still must be said that my interest in maintaining this thing has waned over the years, and round about April 6th, I keep trying to decide whether to keep the Scribbler going, or whether to stop posting.  Now if I do stop posting, that doesn't mean that the blog will be taken down.  As long as Google allows me to keep it up, it'll stay up.  There is some good stuff here.  Some of my best writing, as a matter of fact.  So, if for no other reason than to at least keep a "Pierre was Here" plaque in my little corner of the Internet,  the Scribbler will always be here.
     But while I still must review my options re: the continued existence of the blog on a yearly basis, I have come to the conclusion that for 2013, I will keep posting to the Scribbler, although as per the rules of this thing, I never have been and never will be held to a rigid posting schedule.  Except when I do my City League football posts, which are a large portion of the content on the blog,  that go up once a week or so from August to November, It's business as usual.  I post when something gets lodged in my head and won't leave.  The posts will be cross linked to my Facebook and Twitter accounts as they always have been.
    It seems like my desire to write has gone down significantly.  I don't post here nearly as much as I used to.  The current fan fiction piece based on the "Oh, My Goddess" franchise, The Liaison, that I have been working on since last year has all but stalled out.  I'm in no hurry to start the original fiction work that I've been wanting to do. Maybe I'm just being lazy. Maybe the writing muse has cleared out her things and took off down the road again like she did a couple years ago.  Maybe I just need a good swift kick in the ass.  I don't know. But I hope and pray that I can regain the spark of motivation again.  Writing is about all I can do anymore. If I lose this, what else is there?
    Let's get off this morbid tone, I'm getting depressed.   I hereby declare that the Moonlight Scribbler is back for 2013, and while her state isn't what it used to be, it's better than the alternative.