Saturday, July 06, 2013

2013 Pgh City League Football Schedule is out...

The 2013 City League Football Schedule is out. The Link to the PDF is:

But as usual, I'll type it out.

Fri August 30, 2013  
Erie Cathedral Prep at Perry
Brashear at Slippery Rock
Allderdice at Martins Ferry (OH)
Carrick at Grove City

Sat August 31, 2013
Westinghouse at Buckeye Local (OH)
U-Prep at Erie Central Tech

Thurs Sept 5
Perry at Brashear

Fri Sept 6
Allderdice at Brooke (WV)
Chestnut Ridge at Carrick
Westinghouse at Wheeling Central (WV)

Thurs Sept 12
Allderdice vs Perry

Friday Sept 13
Westinghouse vs Brashear
Carrick vs U-Prep

Thurs Sept 19
U-Prep vs Brashear

Fri Sept 20
Carrick vs Perry
Allderdice vs Westinghouse

Fri Sept 27
Ft. Hill (MD) at Carrick
Brashear at Erie Strong Vincent
Westinghouse at TBA

Sat Sept 28
Allderdice at Linsley (WV)
Perry at TBA

Thursday Oct 3
Carrick at Brashear

Friday Oct 4
Perry vs Westinghouse
Allderdice vs U-Prep

Thursday Oct 10
Allderdice vs Carrick

Friday Oct 11
Brashear vs Perry
Westinghouse vs U-Prep

Thursday Oct 17
U-Prep vs Perry

Friday Oct 18
Westinghouse vs Carrick
Brashear vs Allderdice

Thursday Oct 24
Playoff Game #1 (2 vs 3)

Friday Oct 25
Playoff Game #2  (1 vs 4)

Saturday Nov 2
City Championship  1:00pm

PIAA Regionals begin Fri Nov 8.

Once again, no OOC games shown for U-Prep, Maybe they're getting a late start on trying to find non league opponents again.  They ended up playing a very good Catholic school out of Rochester, NY last year, totally out of the blue.  

Week 1 for 2013  is a mirror image of last year, with ECP and Slippery Rock making appearances at the George against Perry and Brashear, respectively.  'Dice, 'House and Carrick on the road.  Once again, the usual suspects from West-By-Gawd Virginia: Linsly, Wheeling Central, and Brooke are back on the schedule, the Bruins haven't played a City team in a few years. Carrick takes on Ft.Hill (MD) at home for the third year in a row for the Sentinels' annual beatdown of the Raiders.  

I'm guessing with the craziness that's happened in Steubenville, the 'House won't be heading out there this year, hence the TBA designation.  Perry also hasn't announced a week 5 opponent.  Last year, they took on Liberty Christian out of Virginia, and it didn't end well for the One Stars. But knowing that Perry will play anyone, anywhere, don't be surprised if the Commodores find a nice team to go against.  Remember, boys and girls, Perry scrimmages against NA and Central every year, so they fear no one.  

This will be the second year that Allderdice, Obama, Carrick and Brashear will play in the WPIAL for selected sports. The City League will retain a full City schedule with championships and PIAA representation for: football, basketball, wrestling, cross country(less Allderdice), track and field, and volleyball.  Brashear and Carrick will play in the WPIAL in baseball, softball, and boys and girls soccer. Obama will play in the WPIAL in boys and girls swimming, boys and girls soccer, and Allderdice will play WPIAL schedules in: B&G Soccer; B&G Swimming; B&G Tennis; Golf; B&G Cross Country; Baseball; and Softball.  The first year pretty much went as expected with the City teams struggling to compete against WPIAL opposition. Most cases, the City schools were around the middle to lower half of their respective WPIAL sections. The Advocate wasn't expecting much in the first year, and it will take a while before the City schools are able to be respectable.  

Still no news that The Advocate has heard about a pending City/WPIAL merger. If it's going to happen, it should go down at the earliest in 2014 when the PIAA enrollment classifications are adjusted.  The Advocate has thought that allowing Allderdice, Brashear, Carrick, and Obama to have associate WPIAL membership in a few sports was to be a trial run testing the feasibility of such a merger, although there was no official word from the league that this was to be the case. The Advocate still thinks that it will eventually happen, with when being the only mystery. 

Since this blog post was made, the Advocate received a tip that U-Prep has a road game on August 31 against Erie Central Tech.  If any other games are scheduled, the Advocate will update this post as and when. Thanks to upnorth at the PSB for the tip.