Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bucs vs A's For All The Marbles. Make It Happen.

With my renewed faith in the Pirates, you know what i'd love to see as a dream World Series matchup? Although from a business perspective, Bud Selig would rather put his head in a wood chipper than have to witness this?  A Pirates vs Oakland A's World Series.  The Battle of the "Have-Nots-Who-Don't-Give-A-Damn."

I used to go to a lot of Oakland A's games when I was stationed in NAS Alameda.  A five minute bus ride and a ten minute BART ride would get me from the base on the island to the Coliseum for a nice night out at the ballyard.  And this was about the time that Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco were just getting hot.  The A's always took care of the Navy providing cheap tickets to the local bases, and that plus the fact that the A's and the Pirates are very similar in terms of being ball clubs that had to make due with little money, and classic underdogs made me a casual follower of the Oakland A's.

The difference being that the Pirates were able to get their shiny new ballpark, while Oakland still toils in that 46 year old cookie cutter stadium that they have the misfortune of sharing with the Raiders. And while the Coliseum wasn't a bad place to watch the game back in the 80's.  The last of the multi-purpose monstrosities has had to put up with Mt. Davis, the ugly abomination of added seating demanded by former Raiders owner Al Davis as a condition of bringing the Raiders back to Oakland. The effect replaced the scenic view of the Oakland hills with a constant reminder of the continual suckage of the Raiders and the folly of their deceased and somewhat senile owner.  

The future of the A's in Oakland seems dicey.  There are plans to build a stadium Downtown in Jack London Square, as well as move the team down south to San Jose. The latter plan being held up due to the protestations of the San Francisco Giants, who claim San Jose as part of their territory and say that the A's moving there would affect their team's attendance.  I call 'Bulls**t' on that.  But for the sake of all the low-buck teams in baseball, I hope that the A's can find a way to stay in Oakland.  They are a proud franchise who has persevered in spite of the odds against them by the inequity of Major League Baseball.  And I for one, would love to see my two favorite teams battle it out for a World Series title. Just to throw up two middle fingers to Bud Selig and the big money teams.