Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Inkwell has run dry...

It is with a touch of sadness to report that this will be the final official blog post for the Moonlight Scribbler.

The blog hasn't been updated in months, and with my spending more time posting stuff to Facebook and getting more feedback about the stuff I post, and generally ust not having the time nor the inclination to update it regularly,  it seemed right to put a bowtie on this thing and wrap it up.  The Scribbler has never been about clicks and comments, it was about having a place to do the occasional brain dump of accumulated crap that lodges into my head and won't leave on its own.

Declaring the end of the Moonlight Scribbler now is kind of like a doctor pronouncing a patient dead long after the body and bones have returned to the earth from which they sprung.  It was only a matter of time I guess.  The Moonlight Scribbler was the latest in a series of brain dumps going back to my days at CCAC in the mid '90s.

 The only difference being that unlike the other projects: "Just Another Lovely Day in Paradise"; and its shorter and admittedly inferior cousin, "Just Another Lovely Day in Paradise Part 2", which were saved to floppy disks and were either lost, copied over, or the disks just failed over time, the Moonlight Scribbler was posted online where it will remain at least as long as Google is still in business, and still owns Blogger.  Although Google does have this habit of shedding businesses that either don't make money, or they just don't want to play with anymore. So this collection is ultimately at the mercy of teh Goog.

As far as I'm concerned, the blog will stay up, like a old cabin out in the middle of a field, its owner only coming around to make sure that the roof hasn't caved in and the wildlife haven't taken up residence inside.  It is my little outpost on the Internet, my little plot of digital real estate that I call my own. There's a lot of good stuff written here.  196 posts going back to 2006.  Some of it, my best writing. It could even become part of a portfolio should I ever need to look for a job writing columns, or even grist for the mill for another writing project that may come down the road.

Notice that I say that this is the last OFFICIAL post to the Scribbler.  If some extraordinary life event comes up or some earth shattering apocalypse arrives, I reserve the right to reopen the blog and start doing brain dumps again.  But until that fateful event happens, it's safe to say that the Moonlight Scribbler has had its last post.  To those who read this blog, I'm still scratching my head at what possessed you to waste your valuable time doing so.  But aaaaaaaanyway, thanks for reading and leaving comments. It was fun.

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