Thursday, October 09, 2014

2014 City League Preview Week 7

University Prep

    The final week of league play in the Pittsburgh City League starts this Thursday night with a few loose strings to tie up.  University Prep and Allderdice have sewn up the top two playoff spots with unblemished league records going into their big tilt Friday afternoon.  Brashear has a one game edge over Carrick and Perry for the third seed, and the Commodores and Raiders have important games this week to settle the final spot.  

   The playoff scenario is such, at least the Advocate hopes he’s reading this correctly:

1. Allderdice and U-Prep play Friday afternoon, winner gets #1 seed in the playoffs.
2. Brashear and Carrick play Thursday night. If Brashear wins, they snag the #3 spot. If Carrick wins, both teams are tied at 2-3, and to throw an left-handed monkey wrench into the works, if Perry beats Westinghouse on Friday night, then we’ll have a good ol’ fashioned three team dogpile for the fourth and final spot.  
   City League tiebreaker rules for a three team pileup call for the head to head results between all the teams in the dogpile.  In this case:  Carrick would be 1-1 (loss to Perry, win against Brashear), Perry would be 1-1 (win against Carrick, loss to Brashear) and  Brashear would be 1-1  (beat Perry and lost to Carrick).  The next phase of the tiebreaker would be head to head wins against the 1st place team, 2nd place, etc. All three teams in the dogpile lost to both U-Prep and Allderdice, and beat Westinghouse.  So, the final part of this kerfuffle, should it get this far, is the always exciting coin flip.  The Advocate does not know how the City does a coin flip tiebreaker.  Do they get all three coaches together at midnight at Ritter’s over in Bloomfield, flip a coin, kick the odd man out, and then the two survivors flip for the third and fourth spots?  The Advocate hasn’t a clue, because he’s never seen a tiebreaker go this far.  

    When Allderdice and Perry last played back in week 2, the Dragons squeaked by the Commodores on the strength of making their extra points, while the Commodores missed theirs.  Last week, the Dragons continued on their dominant ways by crushing the One Stars 41-0.  Allderdice excelled in all facets of the game, especially in converting 3 Perry turnovers into touchdowns.  Timothy Jackson scored on a punt return of 75 yards,  Lamone Dixon turned a fumble into a 39 yard scoring play, and Dominic Balsamo scored on a 25 yard pick-six.  Quarterback James Jackson called his own number twice scoring from 1 and 15 yards, and Jeremiah Hardrick scored on a 6 yard run.  The Dragons racked up 239 total yards of offense to Perry’s 112.   Allderdice has mercy ruled its last four opponents in a row.
   University Prep continued its perfect season beating Carrick 42-12.  Ron Brown passed for 370 yards and five touchdowns including two TD passes each to Desean Bonneau and Kenny Robinson.  Brown has thrown for 1,084 yards and 14 touchdowns this season.  Not as productive as the incredible season he had last year when he threw for over 3,000 yards and 40 TD’s, but still the class of the City League this season.
    Brashear eliminated the Westinghouse Bulldogs from playoff consideration winning their matchup 40-6.  Khalil Saunders ran for 119 yards on 16 carries, and scored two touchdowns on runs of 7 and 30 yards.  Therran Coleman scored twice on runs of 8 and 6 yards. Romello Jones picked up a Bulldog fumble and ran 50 yards for a score and  Ty Powe scored off a 53 yard run.  Westinghouse’s lone score came off a 50 yard pass from D’Asonte White to Robert Williams.  The ‘House was held to 76 yards of offense and committed 4 turnovers.

Thursday  October 9
Carrick vs Brashear

    Brashear needs to win to stay out of the dogpile mentioned above.  Carrick needs to win to keep its playoff hopes alive.  Carrick has some players that, in time, could make the Raiders a potential playoff threat, but not this year.  Brashear has the weapons to win this game and grab a spot in the playoffs.  Brashear.

Friday October 10
University Prep vs Allderdice

    This is the marquee matchup in the City League this season, and for those who may be looking for a tasty appetizer, an amuse bouche as it were,  before going to their favorite Friday night football feast, the Advocate recommends this savory little number.  Both teams have dominated the City League this season.  The last time the Advocate saw an Allderdice team this strong was when a certain running back named Curtis Martin provided the bulk of the Dragon offense.   Allderdice has a versatile offense that can score off the run and the pass, fueled by the Jackson twins.  U-Prep has the best quarterback in the league in Ron Brown, and his receivers have picked up the slack left from last year’s graduation losses.  While Prep doesn't have the stud running backs the ‘Dice has, Brown has no problem calling his own number.  The Dragon defense has not been tested since week 1,  the Wildcat’s defense is a little more suspect, and they haven’t seen an offense as potent as Allderdice’s this season.   Since its inception in 2011, U-Prep has beaten the ‘Dice five straight times.  This game is too close to call.  It could come down to the final play, or one team will blow out the other.  Expect footballs to fly all over the George, as both quarterbacks love to air it out. It’s also very possible that both teams may meet again with hardware on the line, so both coaches may keep a little something something in the bag for that fateful meeting on November 1st.  But the Advocate thinks that this is the ‘Dice’s year.  So he’s going all in.  Allderdice.

Friday October 10
Perry vs Westinghouse

    Perry is playing for its playoff life tomorrow night. Despite the disappointing season, the Commodores cling to a scant opportunity of getting into the post-season, but it will be as a part of a big fat dogpile that might come down to the flip of a coin, and that’s only if Carrick can give the One Stars a little bit of help and beat Brashear.  Perry should be able to beat the ‘House, but depending on forces beyond their control, that may not be enough.   Perry.

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