Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015 from the Moonlight Scribbler

Well,  boys and girls.  We've come to the end of another year.  I don't know how many people will see this post given that teh Facebook likes to pull an Apple in that they think they know what you want to see more than you do.  Problem is,  that unlike Apple,  Facebook is wrong far more often than they are right.  Although from what I hear about iOS 8.*, Apple's starting to drop the ball a little as well.

It's been a quiet year at The Little House in the Ghetto.  It's still standing,  more or less.  A little more spit and baling wire are needed to keep the bits and pieces nailed together.  Your's Truly has made it through 2014 with the grace of the Lord God above.  Somehow He keeps thinking that my sorry ass is worth keeping around. I'm not exactly sure why.  I think that it's because I make Him laugh.  I don't know,  and as usual,  He ain't talking. 

I hope that this old year leaves you in a good place.  I hope and pray that you were able to fulfill all your hopes and dreams and that your wishes came true.  If you were looking for love,  I hope you found it.  If the one you loved didn't love you anymore,  I hope you found a new one.  And if you're still with the one you love,  I hope you're loving them even more.  If you have new critters,  I hope they are bringing you the joy you deserve.  If your critter crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I hope your goodbye ends up meaning 'see you soon.',  and that your household is filled once again with barks,  meows,  squeaks,  and whatever sound your new critter makes. 

May your families prosper.  May your elders be graced with wisdom and long life.  May your children continue to be the apple of your eye.  If there be strife in your household, may cooler heads prevail and peace be upon you and all those under your roof. 

May the divisions that separate us cease.  May we no longer hate each other because of where we come from,  or the pigment of our skin.  May prejudice and bigotry become dusty worthless relics of our past to be buried in the forgotten sands of time and dredged up no more.  May we continue to strive upward and onward and forward.  May we love each other, cherish each other,  care for each other,  and defend each other. 

And as usual,  may your 2015 be a damn sight better than your 2014. I wish all of my friends,  the one's I've known since I was but a wee snot nosed punk,  the ones I've met just this year.  The one's I served with,  and the ones who I met in college.  And all the ones in between,  the happiest of New Year's.  Be careful celebrating tonight.  It is amateur night,  after all. 

From the Little House in the Ghetto,  located in the peaceful,  pastoral and bucolic neighborhood of Homewood-Brushton,  in the fair city of Picksburgh, Taxsylvania.  I am the Chief Scribe in Residence of the Greatest Blog no one's ever read,  The Moonlight Scribbler.  The one,  the only (Thank God!)  often imitated,  but never duplicated.  Guaranteed not to rust,  bust,  nor collect dust,  Raleigh Pierre Wheaton,  At your service.  See you on the other side,  and Let's Go Stillers!

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