Thursday, April 16, 2015

The State of the Scribbler, 9 years on...

It's nine days late, but better late than never.  The Moonlight Scribbler celebrated its ninth year of existence on April 6th, and while the Greatest Blog No One's Ever Read hasn't been updated since January, it still exists and I have no desire to retire it.  This thing has been a repository for all the various debris that accumulates in my fractured mind, and has no other place else to go.  And while Facebook has largely replaced the Scribbler in terms of quickie posts about my admittedly warped view of the world around me,  this place is still home, my little patch of digital real estate on the Interwebs and I feel that it's important to have a spot like this.

As Spring gives way to summer, I will try to add to it as and when.  I currently have no plans for the Scribbler's 10th anniversary next April.  I was thinking of throwing a swank invitation only party at the hippest club in Pittsburgh with cutting edge music, top-shelf booze and hot and cold running A-list celebs, but being that I'm the most unhip person I know, I don't go to clubs, most of what passes for music these days gives me a headache, and the various antics of celebrities bore the hell out of me, maybe I'm just better off staying at home with a mix and match six-pack watching the Mindy Project on Hulu.  Oh yeah, I'm very easy to entertain.

I'm also thinking about creating a logo for the Scribbler in time for the tenth anniversary.  I'd like to find a way to have one made at low cost, (preferably free) that can be put on t-shirts, caps, beer coozies, etc.  I could think about making this thing into a personal brand. Imagine, creating a brand for a blog that no one reads!  Brilliant!  Not one of the dumber ideas I've had.  Believe me, I've had worse.

Well, in closing.  Happy 9th anniversary to this little labor of love of mine.

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