Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Relax Folks, Christianity is just fine in America

I'm probably going to cheese a few folks off, but nobody reads my stuff anyway, so...
Despite being a Christian, albeit one of a more liberal strain, I've never gotten on board with those who think that Christianity is under attack in the US. 

While I would agree that Christianity is persecuted and under attack in countries where Christians are in the minority, I tend to disagree that it's under attack in America: where the majority of the citizens identify at least nominally as Christians; where there are thousands of mega churches each with congregations in the tens of thousands bringing in tens of millions of dollars in weekly tithes and offerings; where there are God knows how many Christian media outlets raking in and spending billions of dollars to get the Word of God out to anyone who wants to hear it. 

There are millions of churches in this country, all operating out in the open. Anyone interested in what they are providing can walk right in. No one will arrest seekers or believers or chop off their heads.  Bibles don't have to be smuggled into America. Hell, you can buy one at the dollar store for a fiver.

Does this sound like a religion under attack and being persecuted?  Maybe the studies coming out that say that fewer and fewer people are attending church regularly and more apt to be spiritual but not religious, but I doubt that it spells the end of Christianity in America. 

What it is, is that there is a certain segment of Christians in this country that want freedom of religion...but only for Christians.  Yes, the first amendment of the Constitution allows for freedom of religion, all religions, not just Christianity.  If the Founding Fathers, whom so many of US Christians with a persecution complex, claim founded this country on Judeo-Christian principles, were so bent on making this country into a Christian nation (which I do not believe), why didn't they add a clause into the Constitution granting Christianity special protections to the exclusion of other faiths? 

I don't see Christianity going away in the US, anytime soon. It's just that there are Christians who don't want other religions to play in what they think is THEIR sandbox, when it ACTUALLY belongs to all religions, as well as those who don't believe at all. Then again, what the hell do I know?

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