Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Toole Time.

I find it interesting that Andy Toole has been Robert Morris' men's hoops coach for going on five years now.

RMU is generally known as a stepping stone program where young assistants get their first shot at being a head coach at a program that doesn't get a lot of media scrutiny and the administration doesn't put too much heat on them to win, then after three or so years of success, some program a couple of steps up from the NEC comes along, dangles a bunch of money in front of the coach, and off they go.

I definitely would have thought that after beating Kentucky and St. John's in consecutive years, (granted, both UK and St. John's were down, playing in the NIT, and really didn't care, but still...) some school from a higher level would come calling and swept Coach Toole away from Moon Township, but he's still there. He even signed a three year extension to keep him coaching the Bobs until 2018, but we all know that college coaching contracts aren't really worth the paper they're printed on.

After all, Mike Rice signed an extension at RMU, just before Rutgers came calling. I just wonder whether Toole is waiting for the right gig to come along, or is he satisfied coaching at the low D1 level. I mean, legends like former Mount St. Mary's coach Jim Phelan who coached there for 49 years and 830 wins come around only once in a lifetime. I would assume the former. Maybe if RMU pulls off another big upset in a postseason tournament, this might be the year that he goes to a higher profile program, but for now, Colonial Nation can sit back and enjoy the continued success of the hoops program under Toole Time.