Monday, January 04, 2016

Happy New Year from the Moonlight Scribbler

Well, boys and girls. We made it thru another year. Hopefully your 2015 was a damn sight better than your 2014. 

Here at the Little House in the Ghetto, nothing much has changed. The place is still standing. Still being held up by duct tape and baling wire.  The short and sweet of 2015 for me was 'routine.'  I kept it simple in 2015. Didn't really go anywhere or do anything extraordinary. Mostly just home, work, back home with occasional trips to see my best friend's munchkin. Kid will be three in January. And I'd walk thru fire for the little monkey. 

I pray that God continues to bless and protect him as he continues to delight us and let us see the world through his eyes. 

Because I don't know about Yinz, but I'm damn tired of seeing the world through my eyes. Strife, conflict, people with badges and guns behaving badly, knuckleheads with guns behaving badly with innocents caught in the crossfire.  The nastiness of the early Presidential campaign. Mud being slung, paranoia, fear of the other, words as weapons. General batshit craziness all around.  And this is just the appetizer. The next 11 months provides the main course.  

And having had my fill of the hors d'oeurves, I think I'll pass on the entre√©, thank you very much. 

Not than anything good didn't happen in 2015, it just seemed overshadowed by such negativity.  

I know a lot of Yinz went to cool places, saw cool things, welcomed new babies or critters, or said final goodbyes to those friends or loved ones, two legged or four, who shook off this life like a heavy overcoat to pass into eternity, whichever form you believe it holds.

  I pray that those loved ones will continue to remain in your hearts and minds, because as long as they remain there, they're never really gone.  The body goes back to the dust from whence it came, but their souls live forever as long as we believe they do. 

And in the meantime, we just keep a 'steppin, because like it or not, this grand play, this performance that we call 'life', still goes on.

 Until we no longer can, we get up, take care of business, work to live, or live to work, hug our kids, critters, spouses, go to cool places, see cool things, meet cool people, or in my case, drink cool beers.  Because, dammit, that's just what we do.  We live life in all its many forms, as best we can, and make the best of it.  And I beseech you, boys and girls, to continue to do so. You owe it to yourselves and the people you give a damn about.  To put your best out there, for the world to see.  

I'll be ushering in 2016, either in the presence of my best friend and her munchkin and a six pack of tasty brews,  or at home in the Little House in the Ghetto, with a six pack of tasty brews, listening to the knuckleheads shooting off all manner of guns into the air.  Either way, my ass ain't going outside to celebrate. I'm too old to party 'til I puke. I hate crowds.  And if I wanted to tie one on tonight, it would be with that fizzy yellow mass-market goat piss that 'Muricans drink, not a mix and match with some nice Porters and Stouts with an IPA thrown in for the hell of it.

Aaaaanyway, for all my Scribbler and Facebok fam, you have provided me with laughs, tears, provoking thoughts. Your prayers for me have been heard and answered. I'm still kicking it and will continue to do so in 2016. I pray that your 2016 will be a damn sight better than your 2015.  And that we can all get back together again in 365 days to do it all over again.

From the Little House in the Ghetto, located in the pastoral, bucolic neighborhood of Homewood-Brushton, in the City of Pittsburgh, Taxsylvania.  This is your 99 and 44/100% pure, Raleigh Pierre Wheaton signing off.  See Yinz on the other side.

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