Thursday, March 10, 2016

When Will We Learn

I hesitate to read the FB comments re: the shootings in Wilkinsburg, because invariably, many of them will be snarky, borderline racist posts from white folks in their comfy suburbs calling these people (shooters and victims, alike) thugs and animals. And I earnestly hope they find the shooters and bring them to justice. I have no sympathy for them. And I know all the underlying causes and theories about what drives people to do these things. I grew up poor, my father was a part of my life, but I was mostly raised by my mother.  But I didn't have a need or desire to pick up a gun and take lives to get what I wanted. But I still have no sympathy for the shooters.  Maybe I should, but I don't. Some kind of Christian I am, I guess. 

But I mourn and pray for the victims.  When will the killing stop?  When will the violence stop? I live just a few hundred feet from the Pittsburgh/Wilkinsburg border. I see the poverty. I see the vacant lots, the abandoned houses. I see people trying to get ahead, doing the right thing, trying not to let the streets overcome them. I also see those who succumb to the call of the streets. I hear the same ol' same ol' from all the usual suspects.  But things just don't seem to be getting better.

Is ' the system' to blame? Yes, to an extent. But when does the community start taking a hard look at itself?  When do all parties involved stop pointing fingers and start looking in the mirror? I'm including myself. It's easy to point fingers, and not admit that we all have to start moving in the right direction.

I don't know the answers.  There are no quickie solutions. And many will dismiss these words as just useless venting. And maybe that's just what they are. All I know is, I'm getting tired of it all. Don't worry, I'm not ready to throw myself off a bridge or something, but I'm just tired of all the blame-gaming. On both sides. Just sayin' , I guess.

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