Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cubbies or the Tribe?

Put a gun to my head and ask me to choose who I'd want to win the World Series, and I'd probably tell you to pull the trigger. 

But I would actually not mind Cleveland winning. Because if the Cubs win, their fans and media will make the victory seem as if Jesus Christ himself descended from the heavens in an Ernie Banks jersey, landed on the pitchers mound in Wrigley Field and raptured every Cub fan to heaven.  Which would probably not be a bad thing, in that the rest of us wouldn't have to deal with them.  I wish our Lord and Savior would do the same to Penguin fans. Although I'd prefer that He'd consign them to a hell where the Flyers win the Stanley Cup every year for eternity.

Cleveland will just get full of itself and act like they're the posers they are and lay claim to the "City of Champions" moniker because the Cavs and Indians won their respective league's titles.  Hopefully, if they win or lose, they'll put Chief Wahoo out of his misery.