Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump denies Trans people the right to serve.

So Lord Cheeto has decided that transgender folks can't serve in the military. I got one word for that, and I'm not cleaning it up.  Unfucking Sat! When 99.5% of the people in this country can't or won't serve, denying ANYONE who is qualified and willing to put their lives on the line for this country that privilege is nothing short of insane.

And yes, I'm a veteran who has served with LGBT people. And if my ship went to GQ because of a missile strike, I guarantee you that I would not stop to ask the sexual orientation of any sailor I came across who needs help.  They're wore the same damn uniform I did, they're my shipmate, they bleed and die just like anyone  else.  And it was my job, my obligation  to get them that help. As long as they do their job and keep their personal life and professional lives separate, I don't care who they sleep with. None of my business. I didn't have to party or hit the beach with them.

I'm straight. I'm not interested in seeing dudes making out. I'm not interested in transgender issues. Those issues are for trans folk to work out between themselves, their loved ones and whatever God they pray to, or not. None of my business. Not my circus, not my monkeys.  But in a day when the military is having a hard time trying to fill its ranks, and has more and more hostilities to wrestle with in terms of bad nations looking  to do America harm, to exclude anyone who is eligible, qualified and willing to serve is madness to me. 

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