Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flipping the script on Religion

Something I've been thinking about the last couple. The majority of Americans hold some kind of religious beliefs. Whether it's the God of the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, or some other faith. I think the number is about 70 odd percent. But I may be wrong. 

But the number of people who identify as atheist, or agnostic, or simply non-religious or some variant is on the rise.  But let's flip the script. Say one day the majority of Americans no longer believe in God, or embrace some sort of religious beliefs. Say that number gets to about 70-80 percent.  Maybe higher. What happens to the minority of those who still hold to their beliefs. How will the majority treat them.

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of and from religion. But will the majority seek to change that? Will they try to eliminate those who practice religion? Will they shunt them off to the side and regard them as freaks to be laughed at and made fun of as unenlightened backward folk who refuse to put aside their superstitions and myths?  Or will they be allowed to still exist and be ignored, their houses of worship slowly moldering away as fewer and fewer people use them except for the odd wedding or funeral. Their religions allowed to become  more and more irrelevant.

I tend to think the latter. I think that sometime in the future, religion will become a thing of the  past. It'll still be around, but its relevance will be a shell of what it is now.  #JustSayin

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