Friday, May 12, 2017

Lets Go Bucs

It's become increasingly clear that the three years the Pirates made the playoffs were an aberration. A time where the blind, deaf and dumb squirrel that is the Pirates front office found the three nuts conveniently sitting next to each other.

And the last season and a half has been akin to that same blind, deaf and dumb squirrel running around in the back yard bumping into every tree they tried to climb and falling out of the ones they've succeeded in scaling.

But they still have the Bobbleheads, the fireworks, the all you can eat sections, Take Your Dog To the Game, Free Shirt Fridays, the post-game concerts by washed, uh vintage rockers that Yinzers still get a collective hard-on over and let's not forget, The Greatest Ballpark in Baseball. As long as they have all that and the increasingly gray haired fans still pine for the good ol' days of Maz, The Fam-A-Lee, Captain Willie, and the Great One, the Pirates can trot out this s**t show every year and make bank.

Willie and the Great One would be spinning in their graves like a carousel if they were to see what the Pirates have been reduced to.