Thursday, June 29, 2017

Down With Play Dates

Grumpy Old Man Rant #34. What the hell is a 'Play Date?' In my day we didn't have play dates where you went thru this song and dance about who your kids played with. We didn't call the other kids parents, coordinate our Google calendars to set up the proper day for little Ashley, or Sherman to come over to their friends house to play. We didn't do background checks or ask for Act 33 clearance on the other kid's parents. In my day, as we were tearing ass out the door, we told our mothers we were going to so and so's house to hang out and they said 'yes' or 'no'.  Most of the time they said yes so they could get us the hell out of their hair. Then again, when I was coming up we had rock fights in abandoned lots and played tackle football in 2 feet of snow at the corner basketball court. I tell you,  Play dates are a Communist conspiracy designed to undermine the American childhood. They make our kids into soft, whiny little Nancy boys. Down with play dates!!!