Friday, December 15, 2017

Fun with Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the infernal love child of Satan and  Donald Trump!

So, I'm trying to get a ticket to the 3 Rivers Classic hockey tournament at PPG on December 29-30.  I'm going both days so I hit the Ticketmaster app on my phone. They have two day tickets in my preferred location (between the blue lines halfway up the lower bowl) for $57. A bit steep for college hockey, especially for where I'm sitting, but your boy don't sit in the corner, or behind no goal,  and I ride or die for RMU. No big deal.

But this is Ticketmaster we're talking about, kids.  Tack on a $3 'facility' fee, a $10.50 service fee, and that kicks up the price to $70.50! Add on the $4.95 processing charge.  And what makes matters worse, they don't offer e-tickets for this event. All they have are paper tickets which they'll deliver for between $4.75-$18.50. Add all that up according to Park Place math and the max total comes to f*****g $93.50!!! Wrong effing answer, Recruit!!! Tell you what. I work right next to the arena. I'll go over to the box office and buy the damn things after work!!!  At least I'll save some of the fees!!