Thursday, January 25, 2018

Football for Real By Gawd 'Muricans!

So Vince McMahon wants to bring in XFL 2.0. Maybe this will refresh his memory. I bought some XFL hats a long time ago and and as an unrepentant hoarder, I've kept them around. Sometimes I actually wear them. I remember watching the XFL and a few of the rules I liked. The one where a kickoff that went more than 20 yds was a free ball was especially amusing.

Maybe Pittsburgh will get a franchise. It'll placate the Yinzers who think that the NFL is too liberal and PC, and who want to see real 'Murican football.  All patriotic theater, all the time.  Stadium sized 'Murican flags, Flyovers during every time out. Players kneeling during the anthem will be executed at halftime by war veterans. The National Anthem will be constantly playing on a loop as background music. Football for real By Gawd 'Muricans!!  Yes, I know that there are two teams missing, Memphis and NYC. I lost those hats and I can't find them.
I'd love to see teams named after WWE wrestler's signature moves. The Pittsburgh People's Elbows. The Seattle Stone Cold Stunners. The San Francisco Sweet Chin Music. How about the Tulsa Tombstone Piledrivers?  The Portland Pedigrees. I'm pumped! Let's do this!!!

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