Monday, January 29, 2018

The March of the Damned or JB's 5th Birthday Party

Barely survived the March of the Damned that is known as JB's 5th birthday party. Much of the affair, I was doing the old man shuffle trying to run food, help decorate, run games and so on for a 5 year old little boy and couple dozen of his friends. I wish I had 1/10 of that kid's energy.

From the time he got there, to the end of the party, it was all ahead flank for JB. Kid didn't stop running, bouncing and screaming with his buddies for almost 4 hours.  And I mean HARD playing too. Bouncy house, playing keep-away, the whole megillah.

I finally got home about 11pm last night, and as usual, my insomniac ass didn't get dada for sleep. This despite drinking multiple cups of spiked coffee and punch. I really to see a doc about this insomnia.

Well, I get to repeat the whole pit of misery again this time next year. Maybe I should give the Denise the number of a local Chuck E Cheese. But that would be anathema to her. She has to exhaust the entire Disney catalogue coming up with themes for her kid's birthday parties.  And at that rate, the kid will be applying for Social Security.

I just helped over the weekend, but she plans these things out over a couple weeks at least, and Denise is OCD as hell. But I love her. Known her for going 25 years, and we know exactly how to drive each other nuts.

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