Monday, February 19, 2018

4 Year Degrees at a 2 Year Price

Know what I'd love to see? Though it'll never happen. I'd like to see the community college concept extended to four year degrees.

I went to a community college (CCAC Boyce '95), So I know what they are and how they work. They provide a no-frills basic 2 year college experience for the commuter student who just wants to go to school, go to class, and move on.

No dormitories, no dining halls, not much in the way of student life. No frats or sororities. Some athletics, but  not an all encompassing  program like at, say, Pitt or  Penn State.

Not a bunch of extras that tack unnecessary expenses on to students bills.

I would like to see community colleges offer 4 year degrees. It would save students a ton of money. A 4 year degree from a community college would cost a fraction of what the same degree would cost at a traditional college.

Now a 4 year degree from a CCAC wouldn't have the prestige or cachet of a credential from a Pitt, Penn State, or RMU. But if the schools offered a strong academically sound education that can give students the tools they need to enter the workforce, how important really is the name atop the sheepskin?

I've been thinking on and off about this subject since my CCAC days.  The regular four year schools would have a fit. They'd never allow this to happen. But I think the idea has some semblance of merit. #JustSayin

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