Sunday, February 18, 2018

What do we really require of our Citizens?

Can anyone tell me what a citizen's duty is to this country?

About the only obligation a citizen  has in the US, that I can see,  correct me if I'm wrong, is to pay taxes. And some of the schemes people come up with to avoid that are mind-boggling.

We don't require our citizens to vote and depending on the election, I've seen as little as 10% vote in a special election and less than half in a primary or general election.

What about serving on a jury? You should hear some of the excuses I hear from people wanting to be excused from jury duty. The last time I got a jury summons was in the late 2000's. I got picked for a three day trial, did my service, got my $27 and went my merry way. Haven't gotten a summons since. If I get one, I'll appear and go thru the process because I believe that is one of the duties of a citizen.

We don't require our citizens to perform national service, military or otherwise.  We don't really require a hell of a lot of our citizens.

Which is quite ironic given all the hoops we make potential citizens jump thru to become citizens. I wonder how many natives could pass the citizenship test? I bet less than half.  Americans aren't exactly the most read of people when it comes to our institutions.

I just wonder sometimes why we make such a stink about immigration when frankly, there really isn't all that to being a citizen here. Like I said, correct me if I'm wrong.  #JustSayin

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