Thursday, March 08, 2018

Back to the Little House in the Ghetto.

Well kids. My last night at the Denise's house critter sitting. Glad to report that during my stay, all the critters survived. The house is still standing and I'll be heading back to the Little House in the Ghetto this afternoon.

The neighbors will feed the animals while Denise and her brood spend another week in Rat World. Wouldn't get me within 50 miles of the Mickeyship. Too many crowds, too expensive, and I'm just not  a Disney kinda guy. I'd be spending my time spreading lurid rumors about Mickey's threesomes with Minnie and Daisy, Goofy's heroin habit, also the real reason Donald Duck doesn't wear pants. And otherwise destroying the myths about the Happiest Place On Earth. If only the kiddies  knew how their favorite rodent really got down.  You think Trump got up to some hinky doings...😋😋Some of the stuff I heard that goes on in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse would make the Playboy Mansion look like a church picnic.   Just sayin'!

But I get back to work on Friday only to have the weekend off. My paycheck will take a beating for the next month or so, but it was nice to just sleep in, chill out, and relax a bit. It was fun to spend time with Chessie. He is a sweet pup. The next time I see him, he'll be a little bigger, hopefully better behaved and less inclined to chew my face off. 

Back to the grind, as it were. Thanks for the likes and compliments re: the puppy pictures. If I were in a position to own a critter, I'd like to have a dog like Chessie. But that's not happening any time soon.  But I can still come up on occasion and play with the pooch.  But the good thing about house sitting? When the time's up, the kid/pet goes right back to their parents/owners/etc and my happy ass gets to go home.

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