Sunday, May 06, 2018

Give Matt Murray a break, Pens fans!

     I see all these Pens fans ripping netminder Matt Murray for some subpar play in the playoffs. I for one, like goalies. It takes a lot of balls and no small amount of masochism to put on 25-30 extra pounds of gear, step into a goal crease and have guys fire 100+mph hockey pucks at you 30+ times  a night for 80 games plus the playoffs.
      Plus having guys trying to crash the net and run your ass over. I loved Fleury when he was  here. I liked Barrasso. I once had a Gilles Meloche jersey.  I'm down with goalies.
       But give Murray a break, people!  Kid's been in the league for what, three years, won two cups, and fans are already kicking him to the curb? Talk about what have you done for me lately!
      Maybe this isn't just the Pens year. Pittsburgh does not have a birthright to the Stanley Cup. Murray's done quite well for a young up and coming goalie. And he will only get better. He hasn't  even peaked yet. And he has two Stanley Cup rings! At 23! Which he was insturmental in earning! Not like dude sat on the bench all season. He was between the pipes paying his dues!  How many goalies break into this league with a chance to earn hardware from jump?  Not very many. 
     Barring a career ending injury, Matt Murray has a good long career ahead of him with a opportunity to win a few more Cups. Either with or without the Penguins.
     I can only imagine the pressure on Murray's shoulders having to follow in the footsteps of a Penguin legend, dealing with the passing of his father, and having to listen to a bunch of fans rip him because he's not the second coming of Ken Dryden, Grant Fuhr and Patrick Roy.
     Get over yourselves, people!  And people wonder why I don't like Penguins fans.  #JustSayin

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