Saturday, May 05, 2018

Uncle P does Christianity all wrong.

     The fact that I take a live and let live approach to my Christianity means that i'm in violation of one of its basic tenets which is to proselytize. I've never liked proselytizing. It's too much like selling.
      And I don't like selling things. Which means that when I die, I'll probably get reamed out by St. Peter because I didn't try to make disciples. Jesus might look at me with a sidelong glance while he shakes his head and tsks. My name might appear with an asterisk in the Book of Life. And instead of getting a big mansion where all the muckety-mucks live in Heaven, I'll probably get a studio apartment in the low rent district where all the praise music singers live 😄.

      Especially since the Evangelical wing of Christianity has embraced  conservative Republican politics which goes against a lot of what Jesus taught. 
     Then again liberal Christians aren't above using politics to advance their idea of the Trinity either. Ideological full mooners of both liberal and conservative strains have given Christianity a bad name over the years. Jesus was more of a liberal, but he had some conservative teachings too.
     I think we'd all be better off if we can get the politics out of the church on all sides. But that will never happen. We all want to put God in a box that appeals to our sense of aesthetic. But God won't nicely fix in any box, no matter how pleasing it looks to us. There's always going to be parts of him that will stick out no matter how hard we try to shove him in. 
     And God don't take kindly to being shoved into boxes. Tends to piss him off.  And we don't want to piss off God too much. Never know when he'll decide to go all Old Testament on us all over again. #JustSayin 😀

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