Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Democratic Faceplant in 2020.

     Despite Trump doing all he can to prove that he must not be reelected in 2020, It wouldn't surprise me if the Democrats do a face plant and end up losing in 2020, because  they spend all their time fighting over themselves about who's more liberal-than-thou.
       I see the problem as: Many Democrats will all hunker down into their little closed minded tribes, listen to the people who resonate with them, read the books and media they agree with, and turn up their noses at those whom they disagree with.
       They won't give up anything, but will expect others to concede to the greater cause.
       They'll spend precious time and money  giving litmus tests to fellow Democrats, telling them that they are either too liberal or not liberal enough.
        All the while, Trump and his minions will lockstep into another four years in the White House. 
        If Democrats want to take back the White House, they need to gather their disparate tribes together, put aside their differences and everybody has to be willing to swallow their pride, and unify.
         They need to stop thinking that politics is a zero-sum game.  They need to put out a message that will attract the Trumpies who voted for him, but aren't seeing him as the answer they thought he was.  They need to stop bashing Trump and give people a reason to vote FOR them, other than to be anti-Trump.
          A lot of the people who voted for Trump were part of the original Democratic constituents before the party decided to sidle up to the elites on the coasts.  Working class/middle-class people in the heartland, the so-called flyover states.  They may be a little more conservative than the elites, but they were reaching out for a lifeline and the Democrats threw them an anvil.
          Trump threw them a lifeline and they grabbed for it, not seeing that the lifeline ended up being a noose.
           Democrats need to get their collective heads out of their butts, stop worrying about safe spaces for coddled millennials, and get their hands dirty.

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