Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Devil You Know.

     The Democrats are fractured. The Bernie crowd have everybody thinking that if they give everybody free stuff, that'll work.(It won't) 
     The rest of the party just puts out the same old tired assed anti-Trump message and they don't tell people what they are for.
     Hillary and Pelosi should be put out to pasture. If there was a real need for a legitimate third party that takes the moderate views of the Democrats and the Republicans and leaves the full mooners out on their own respective islands, it is right now.
     I find the extreme left and right equally annoying. And I'm not interested in listening to either of them.
     I have a feeling that the Dems probably will not win much in the midterms, and they better get their disparate wings together or else we'll have another four years of MAGA or MAWA.
      I'm registered Democrat, because they are the devil I know. And in Pennsylvania, if you want  to vote in a primary election, you have to belong to a registered  political party. Which I feel is vaguely unconstitutional.
      But if a legit moderate third party were to come into existence, I'd kick the donkey to the curb in a heartbeat. But the Dems and Repubs make it difficult for a third party to make headway in this country. They don't want third party to fracture their chokehold on the electoral process. Too bad. Both of them are two sides of the same coin.

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