Sunday, September 23, 2018

Facebook Page for the Scribbler.

      I created a page on teh Facebook to show the wordage I've put on to the Scribbler since its inception in 2006.    
      The posts that are on this FB page are but a sample of the stuff I've written to the real Moonlight Scribbler at 
       There are close to 300 essays, posts, brain dumps, and other literary desecrations that go back to 2006. I just started this page on FB in 2018 to draw a little attention to the real blog and because everybody these days has a brand. Why not me? 
      As I've said many times, I really don't care whether people read this thing or the real blog. They are both attempts to carve out my little piece of digital real estate on the Internet.
       It's the equivalent of the tiny log cabin in the woods miles away from civilization. And I just live there puttering around, yelling at clouds and doing my thing. If people come to visit, fine. If not, no worries. 
       Doesn't cost me all that much. Just $15 and change a year to keep the domain. The blog rests on Blogger (Does anybody still use that service anymore?) And this page rests on Facebook, for better or worse.
       And as long as Google figures they can still make money off people's old school blogs, they'll keep it around. Hopefully when they decide to get rid of Blogger, they'll give me plenty of warning of how to export this data. There's a lot of good stuff there and I'd like to see it end up taking up space on someone's server.

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